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    Ari Herzog

    What do you do when you visit? Read blog and forum articles? Peruse pictures and videos? Look for a job? Post something to a group?

    Reason I ask is it seems like the crux of blog articles are echoing stuff I see here every week, and the crux of discussion forum questions are aimed around the federal sector.

    Makes me wonder what % of active GovLoop visitors are from local/state government.

    Also makes me wonder if this site is truly used for social networking — or for asking questions such as this.

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    Henry Brown


    Am a member of the “federal community”

    Probably not typical, but try to visit at least a couple times a day. Depending on the workload in my “other job” I might spend anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour per visit. All visits are NOT made during normal hours, has been suggested a couple of times that I “need to get a life”.Rather active in some groups and will post discussions/blogs/comments in the different groups…

    Depends on the group whether am doing social networking or providing information that I BELIEVE COULD be of some use to SOME in a professional environment. Because My skill set tends toward either IT or Leadership, I would like to believe that at least a significant percentage of my postings don’t depend on the organizational groupings of the readers.

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    Adriel Hampton

    10-30 minutes a day. I check the latest updates, and the first five pages of new members. I add locals and about half accept the invites. Just met a colleague from the SF Fire Dept. here last month and he plans to attend this week’s Third Thursdays civic tech meetup. I also find a lot of good tweetable content here, often reposted here by some of my favorite Gov 2.0 bloggers from around the world.

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    Adriel Hampton

    Go, Henry!

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    Kurt Williams

    I am a local gov worker and started by joining a couple groups. I occasionally read an email and then if a topic peaks my interest I’ll go check it out. Today I read some fantastic blog posts by GovLoop members.

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    Adriel Hampton

    Speaking of echoing, haven’t I seen this post before? 😉

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    Steve Ressler

    Hey Ari – it’s truly a mix and like most social networks follow the 90-9-1 rule (lots of folks like to read the newsletter, read blogs/discussions, then 9% are the commentators and 1% are super users/bloggers/etc).

    And actually if you look at social networks there is actually a lot of variety in uses (everyone thinks just Facebook style – stream/friending – most of professional social networks like a sermo (social network for doctors) is less about friending and more about reading/discussing useful information/questions.

    About 50% fed, 30% state/local, 20% misc (contractor, public policy students/professors, etc)

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    Christina Morrison

    I always try to check out the latest from GovLoop members at least once every day. It’s a great source of information for me on new Gov 2.0 initiatives and to hear from different voice in agencies, federal or local.

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