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    We’re talking about giving back on PM Boulevard this week. Do you volunteer your professional skills to nonprofits? How often?

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    I’ve been working with a couple non-profits here in Durham who are setting up networks like GovLoop – really rewarding to help them learn from our experiences and get to launch faster.

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    Chalyce Nollsch

    I think it’s great that we’re starting to get past the “hoarding of information.” I am truly amazed at all the good that’s being done by volunteers. Charge onward!

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    I’m a former teacher and coach. Currently, I get to assist with the boys’ high school PE class at our church twice a week. I also advise our church on matters related to social media. It’s great to be able to take these skills learned in the workplace and apply them in that setting.

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    I sure do! I’m involved with a couple of organizations. Each month it probably averages 10 hours of my time. It’s great to see the labors of your work, and success for the organizations and the people it serves! In fact, I’ve been busy promoting a job fair to help recently laid off census workers. We’ve got 26 employers participating (3 of which are government!). Anyone out there reading this hiring? They have already been vetted with FBI background checks & fingerprinting…who wouldn’t want to hire them! Pay it forward, right??

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    Tam Walton

    It’s really important to me to be a volunteer and to be involved in the community. My problem is that I will often get so engrossed I forget that I have to pull back for my own mental and physical sanity (I’m still a mommy and have to share the wealth with my rugrats first!). But last night, I served as an Election Judge and my budgeting and accounting experience really helped. My 12 years of sales and customer service really helped. And just being a good neighbor really helped. I really loved that experience (but thank God that only happens every 2 years – it’s completely exhausting).

    You’re right, Tricia, pay it forward!

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    Thanks for the great replies! I’d like to do a series of articles on project managers giving back to the community on PM Boulevard. So if you’d like to be featured, please let me know!

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    Elliot Volkman

    I often like to help out non-profit starts up with their communication strategies. Often non-profits have great ideas that need to get voiced, but are unsure of how. I assist them, one in particular at this time, to utilize social media sites.

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    Steve Dobberowsky

    I volunteer for Special Olympics DC’s Summer Games and their Unified Partner teams throughout the year. It’s a great organization.

    Does anyone work for a Federal agency where they allow time from work to volunteer in their community without charging leave (or programs that match time off for volunteering)?

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    Heather Coleman

    I’m attending the first annual volunteer fair sponsored by my county government this Saturday. Hope to meet some local non-profit organizations and see if my professional skills fit with what they need somehow. It would be nice to find one organization to work with over the next few months.

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    Sonny Hashmi

    I volunteer as a computer instructor every Saturday. Great way to reach out and help people who are truly feeling the pain and getting left behind in the Digital Divide.

    Check out my latest blog post with a case study

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    Carol Davison

    I lead my church’s Sunday School for years. I started off recruiting 39 teachers and built a team to recruit for me. Eventually they arranged to get their own substitutes, and were diverse by age, gender, and race and we have “competency models” for each grade. Doing this, and Stephen Covey taught me to take care of my employees (the teachers) while respecting the customer (the parents). I must have been a better leader than I thought because when I developed carpal tunnel, they volunteered to clean my house!

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