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    Ari Herzog

    I’m sure they exist, but despite my experience working in state and local government here, I have no idea where to find them. I know Governing Magazine sponsors an annual digital summit. I know state agencies sponsor sporadic events. I know the Kennedy School puts on things now and then.

    But on par with government conferences I constantly see publicized in DC, surely there are similar in the triangle of Portland to Hartford to Providence. How can I find them — with advance knowledge?


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    Brad Blake

    I’ve actually experienced similar, Ari. I’m not sure that you really are missing any here…unless we’re both missing them! I also often feel like I find out about them at the last minute or too late. I feel like I must not be paying enough attention or something. Anyway, if you find a resource we didn’t now about that can help us hear about them sooner, let me now. Maybe we should lead the charge to figure out a way to compile them ourselves. I volunteer you to start. 🙂

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    Steve Ressler

    Go to events tab on GovLoop and type in city under search and see what comes up….That’s one quick way.

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    Brad Blake

    Steve – thanks. Good call. I’ll encourage those I come in contact with to list their events on GovLoop, as well.

    Maybe GovLoop could add an ‘advanced search’ for the events that lets you search by location (ideally the ol’ “within x miles of” so people could find ones that are drivable)?

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    Ari Herzog

    If Ning can be mashed with Google Maps or similar, that would work.

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