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    Henry Brown

    a ~1700 word article from CBS news money watch which contains a significant amount of useful information

    The Feds Are Hiring: Here’s How to Score

    by Elaine Pofeldt | Sep 17, 2009
    Things you will need:

    * Some background on the federal hiring process. The nitty-gritty details (and there are lots!) can be found here.
    * A revamped copy of your resume. Federal job applications have a very specific format, so you’ll need to spend some time editing your resume. Or you can hire a professional.
    * Patience. The government hiring process can take several months to a year.

    Not so long ago, government jobs were a punch line; the joke usually had something to do with unresponsive bureaucrats earning lousy pay and punching out the second they had worked eight hours. Then came a couple of years in which hundreds of thousands of private-sector jobs disappeared every month, and that joke isn’t so funny any more. Not only is the federal government one of the few employers hiring in substantial numbers — one estimate is that Uncle Sam will need to sign up more than 270,000 workers in the next three years to replace retiring baby boomers and staff new agencies and initiatives

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    Amanda Blount

    Clocking out after 8 hours – HUH? I guess the people who believe this has never been in a contracting office. We have three people in the office this very minute (today is Saturday), trying to finish up end of year stuff, and I am going in later today. I earned 40 hours of comp time in two weeks a few pay periods ago. So where are all these great jobs with only 8 hour days? LOL Actually, except for the fact I wish we would telework, and I do hate the red-tape of Government on some days, I do love my job and my boss.

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    Felicia A. Sykes

    Thank you very much for the article, I am trying to apply for another position so I need all of the help I can get. The problem is that I live in an area where there are no headquarter offices like in D.C. so there are not as many federal agencies to transfer to.

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    Shereice Hunter

    I need to know hpw to get a Federal job…

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    Henry Brown


    A GOOD place to start the process would be at

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    Henry Brown

    Although this “newspaper article” is addressing a VERY local issue regarding the hiring of federal employees, has more than it’s fair share of external links in addressing the hiring process both locally and nationally…

    From the Elizabethtown/Ft Knox KY. News Enterprise

    Title: Dispelling BRAC Myths

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    davena jordan

    Very helpful. I’m looking into the process now.

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