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    You are a high performer and you are expected to take on many new responsibilities that no others in your organization can do. Your boss turns to you for whatever is required for operations and does not care for your workload concerns. You are expected to do your job but other people’s jobs as well. You are a high achiever and deliverer. Your boss knows that without you, his organization will fail. He needs to hire more employees to fill in if you leave. You are indispensable in your position and you feel that your boss is a barrier for your career growth and development. You are doing everything for him and he has treated you differently than the rest of the staff because he does not want to loose you or give you the opportunity to get a different position. What do you need to do to leave your current job?

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    I’d be applying to new opportunities as quickly as possible, while still giving 100% to the current employer. In the meantime, re-frame work as a means to an end versus being an end in itself. Derive the value from it that you need and don’t make it your identity…see what this opportunity is teaching you and what you can learn from it that will make you stronger for future opportunities.

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    Great advice and insight, Andrew. Hope the employee will not get sick and burnt out before a new opportunity arises. High performer will give 100%. The problem I see here is the employee will give 100% but the workload may have required 300% so a balancing act might be a struggle for the employee. It seems to me that the supervisor is a problem here.

    The emotional part can be difficult for the employee so I hope that the employee can get out of that organization soon and will learn from the experience to avoid doing that to others.

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    Carol Davison

    If you are a high performer and taking on responsibilities no others in your organization can do you should be highly marketable. Considering the budget, your boss may not be able to fill vacancies at this time. If I were you I would get a mentor to answer the questions that you are posting instead of posting them publicly, and to advise you on your career. I would also and apply for jobs that interested me. I had a boss that was in the same situation. I got a much better offer and he was unable to match it. I left.

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