How to Mitigate Multiple Supplier Agreement Risks

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    Julia Litvak

    Government departments, agencies and offices are dependent on outside suppliers for many things. In a perfect world, government-supplier interactions would be trouble-free and easy, but… that’s not the way things are. The fundamental tension between the profit orientation of commercial enterprises and the fiduciary responsibility of government to be highly cost conscious brings an array of risks to this relationship. These numerous risks might have a deep, undermining effect on the results of many mission critical projects and programs as well as day-to-day operations.

    Unclear or changing requirements, imbalance in technical knowledge between the parties, poor communication, inadequate project plans — these are just a few sources of project risks that if not mitigated can (and most likely will) bring many problems into your otherwise perfectly planned contract execution.

    Often the productive risk mitigation strategy is to either make the dependency two-way, or ensure lots of alternative suppliers. Whether or not you have these options, through proper planning and management you can absolutely improve the relationships you have with your suppliers, vendors, contractors, and service providers.

    Learn the proven practices that can make government/supplier interactions run more smoothly and with far fewer surprises and disagreements by attending our one-hour live online webinar, taking place on August 5, 2015, at 1pm EST.

    We’ll cover a spectrum of steps that you and your organization can take that will help set the tone for successful business interaction with your suppliers. We will discuss:
    – Government supplier risks — terminology and concepts
    – The need for suppliers – different types for different reasons
    – Sources of risk in government vendor management
    – Hard skills, like contract structure and risk management
    – Soft skills, including improving communications and relationship management
    – Live Q&A session at the end of the webinar (Have an expert answer a question that bothers you the most!)

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