How will the Gov’t Shutdown affect the PMF Program & Should You Go to the Job Fair?

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    Tarryn Reddy

    There are a couple conclusions we can come to when looking at the past government shutdowns and the PMF program in general.

    1. The PMF program office is non-appropriated meaning that they operate outside of the congressional budget. The Office of Personal Management receives $7k from hiring agencies for each PMF placed. Generally, non-appropriated offices can operate without congress passing a budget unless instructed to shut down by OMB.

    2. The job fair is a chance for agencies to interview potential PMFs. However, most agencies are appropriated. During a gov’t shutdown, appropriated agencies would have to shut down and only essential personnel could work. Unless hiring managers are deemed essential (unlikely) they could not attend the job fair without breaking labor laws.

    3. If the job fair was held during a government shutdown, the only likely agencies that would be able to participate would be non appropriated agencies such as parts of OPM, the VA, and maybe parts of Treasury.

    After discussing the possibility of a government shutdown with a friend at OPM. He would recommend the following to an out of town friend:

    Go ahead book your ticket and come out because:

    A) He doesn’t see the shutdown lasting that long
    B) The job fair is a great way to get a job
    C) You need to make an extra effort to find jobs on the PMF website and reach out to the hiring managers to schedule interviews prior to this friday. The online PMF job board is going to be much more important than it has been in prior years.

    Also, if the job fair is canceled and you’re in DC, you might still be able to schedule interviews and tours at the agencies through the essential staff. For example, OPM has several whole divisions that are non-appropriated and may be operating as normal. These divisions have already agreed to hire something like 6 new PMFs.

    How long do shutdowns last?

    Six shutdowns occurred between fiscal year 1977 and fiscal year 1980, ranging from eight to 17 full days, according to the report. From fiscal 1981 to 1995, nine shutdowns occurred, lasting no longer than three full days.

    In fiscal 1996, the first budget impasse led to a five-day shutdown from Nov. 13-19, 1995. The second shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, stretched 21 days from Dec. 15, 1995 to Jan. 6, 1996.

    How do you think the PMF program will be affected by the government shutdown? Does anyone have any other advice for people coming from out of town?

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    Steve Ressler

    Update from PMF Facebook page –

    At the present time, we are continuing to plan the Job Fair and graduation. If the status changes, we will email Finalists and post updates on the website and Facebook. Please check back frequently and watch your email for updates

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