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    Paul Homan

    Chaos, Conflict, Change?

    Government as a classical bureaucracy now has challenges in terms of a rapidly changing world. The rise of social networks both within and across agencies, the increased role of non-government and private sector organizations, and the requirement for greater fiduciary responsibility have contributed to the need for new strategies to address continuing government objectives.

    Leadership in the 21st Century will require horizontal thinking and working across sectors, while operating within the classical hierarchy of the bureaucracy.

    How Would You Define 21st Century Leadership? What skills are necessary of a 21st century leaders?

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    Corey McCarren

    21st century leaders need to be able to keep pace with the technology of today. For many government positions I agree with the CEO of Mozilla when he said “If you don’t understand the Internet, you don’t have any place in government,”. A government leader who doesn’t understand web 2.0 collaboration tools is unfit to lead a diverse workforce.

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    Mark Sullivan

    You make a good point about the working across sectors. Leadership in the 21st century requires the ability to influence change without formal authority. The complexity of the challenges we face require participation and cooperation across multiple jurisditictions, and require partnerships wiith both non-profit/philanthropic organizations and private enterprise. True leadership in this environment requires the ability to mobilize and inspire a range of partners, eachof whom bring unique skills and assets to the table.

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