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    I’m very grateful to be a part of this network, and I learn something new every time I log in. As Ms United States 08-09, I am currently promoting my platforms of “Healthy Habits for Life” educating others on healthy eating, exercise & lifestyle habits to last a lifetime and “I am For Women” Inspiration & Motivation to Empower Women. Making a long story short, I am working very much alone in promoting these issues that are dear to my heart, and would like to collaborate with interested individuals. Even those who may simply be able to point me in the right direction would be of great help to me. The great part about my title is that I have relatively free-reign with whom or what I choose to promote and work with, but I don’t have much help…no team. With the gracious help of some family and friends I’ve been able to do some wonderful things so far, but they are not always able to help. With that said, I am seeking individuals and/or groups whom are interested in teaming up with me to promote my particular platforms, and certainly I would consider other issues as well. Thanks for the consideration, and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

    ~Graziella Baratta
    Ms United States 2008-2009

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    Gerardo Despian

    Hi Graziella. Good for you for promoting healthy habits for live. Very positive. I can help you in the arena of web developing. What do you need?

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    Denise Hill

    Ms United States Graziella Baratta,

    You came to the right place for some of your team. Social Networking and Web 2.0 are two of the terms du Jour. The use of the Internet “Social Networking” was credited with greatly aiding the outcomes of the election and transitioning of the new administration. This GovLoop is also a prime example of Social Networking which is connecting people that may not otherwise be connected. You have a couple of offers of assistance with more surely to follow. I have opinions and thoughts. If you are looking for any of those.

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    Thanks for your responses so far, everyone!! I would love to read any and all of your thoughts and opinions- all are welcomed. 🙂

    At the moment this is what I have:
    Healthy Habits for Life: Very wide target audience, but I’ll start with kids.
    Goal- Launch a nationwide campaign for greater awareness of healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle habits that include workshops, speaking engagements, cooking classes, exercises classes

    I am For Women: Targeting teen to middle aged female population.
    My goals are to team up with some women’s organizations to empower and inspire women to achieve their goals through confidence- building workshops.

    These are general, I know, but I’m seeking to expand upon them and hopefully gain some input and creative ideas from others so that they are substantial enough to be brought to fruition.

    The resources I currently have: I’m all over the web! I am my own web designer/developer…and host a web-tv show “Graziella” every other Thursday that can be viewed worldwide. I have 4 of my own ning networks- main one being http://graziellaworld.ning.com (which are all relatively new) and I have good twitter, myspace and facebook followings.

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    Hi Graziella,

    I’m not sure how much time I would have to help, but being the mother of two girls I am very concerned about body image and the messages our society gives to girls and women. I try very hard to talk about “being healthy” rather than “being thin” and so forth. So, count me in, and once you start getting more of a task-list I’ll see what I may be able to help with. If nothing else, I can help with ideas!

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    I very much admire your energy and passion…and building a ‘team’ is the right way to go (with any adventure). I am super busy w/ a couple book projects and a couple multimedia projects…so I hate to ‘let u down’…if things free up for me later this Summer…I will look forward to pitching-in and joining ‘Team Baratta’!!

    Best of Luck…and keep making progress…1 person at a time…


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    Hello Ms. United States,

    I think that this platform would be greatly appreciated at the Veterans Affairs Medical facilities as the womens services are rarely promoted and never at the top of any agenda in the male dominated world of veterans. The hospitals have a Womens Coordinator that assists the female veterans with their specific issues. It still seems as if the female veterans matters are not taken very seriously. My opinion.

    Hopefully this helps,

    Dell McCaslin

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    Michael O. Johnston

    For any of the above ideas I would be willing to create any marketing materials, including but not limited to press releases, media releases, posters, and anything else you can think of. Also, I will definitely be willing to advocate for your nonprofits and spread the word about these great groups to anyone that I may come in contact with.

    Anything else that I can do for you, please let me know!

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    Emi Whittle

    Great!! I would like to volunteer to help brainstorm and/or plan organize!

    Have you searched for any sponsors/collaborators? IE – HEALTH magazine, Kellogg, or any corporate entity that already has a good web presence or program…. they probably have people who would be able to come up with some good collaboration projects to help promote the ideals…

    And do you have a specific “healthy habits for life” website for you? Advertising and linking to all the government services and websites currently available would probably be good too… and ask them to link to you!

    How will you want to measure reaching your goals? Do you want to have a place where people can sign up and track the healthy life changes they make? Earn rewards? Your central theme is nice, but you will probably want some measurable goals to get you there…

    Just thoughts! Let me know if you’d like to toss around some ideas in cyberspace! – Emi Whittle

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    William Elmore

    The interests of the Vet Entrepreneurial Group includes all vets, Reserve component members and spouses. You are welcome to join our new network if this interests you. Bill Elmore

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    Thank you so much for all the responses, they are getting my wheels turning! I have just teamed up with a PR person to help me with my missions, and who may join this network as well. I will keep you all posted with my progress and may call upon soon! Thank you again for all of your input, it is greatly appreciated!! 🙂

    Some of my goals are more clearly defined on this web page on my Ms US site:

    gbCharity Platforms
    created and implemented by Graziella Baratta

    ~Giving Back to the Community~

    Healthy Habits For Life:

    1. Encouraging youth to develop good eating & exercise habits
    2. Educating youth on how to develop these habits from a simple presentation, and hand-outs to bring home.
    3. Educating youth on making good lifestyle choices such as abstaining from drugs and alcohol abuse
    4. Ms United States is a living example of these healthy habits every day
    5. Inspiring youth and adults to be healthy and fit through instructional master classes in dance and fitness, and cooking classes

    (Ms United States is a professional dancer, instructor, and certified personal trainer with a BA in Dance)

    I AM For Women: Inspiration & Motivation to empower women

    1. Confidence workshops for women & girls
    2. Goal setting & achievement workshops for women & girls
    3. Motivational guest speaker
    4. A supportive, informative & inspirational free network for women & girls-

    B.Youneek: http://www.byouneek.ning.com

    In addition to promoting her two official national platforms, Ms United States supports many other notable causes and is open to all types of affiliations.

    Ms United States’ Other Non- Profit Affiliations:
    The American Heart Association Queens Sickle Cell Anemia Network (Q-Scan)
    New York Youth Bureau

    Appearance/ Booking Contact: Liana Baratta 201-988-7941
    [email protected]

    ~Printable Version of this page in MS Word~

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    Carrie Miller

    To view online and to access embedded links, click here or c/p into browserhttp://eepurl.com/sxO-j

    Companionship, Compassion, Commitment

    Our Home Transitional: Female Veteran Transitional Housing
    Our Home Transitional (OHT) consists of a diverse team leading the way in offering transitional housing for female veterans coming back from war, or serving our country in any capacity. Our program will offer governmental and social organizational help, including but not limited to: In The Grove, VA, VetBiz Central, LearnKey Veterans Services, Workforce Development Vet’s Division, Land Bank, SVMAP and Cars4vets. The OHT advisory board currently consists of a CPA, Insurance Agent, Restoration Company, Attorney, Financial Advisor, and a Realtor.

    We will be starting a pilot program with our first female veteran soon! She will be moving into her own home provided by one of our partnering organizations, SV MAP, very soon. All donations through this year will go towards this pilot program.

    Our Home Transitional offers a family environment. We bring a sense of comfort, belonging and stability by offering our clients household jobs and chores as a family unit. While in OHT, resident clients will be provided various types of assistance to transition to civilian life and self- sufficiency. As OHT is up and running successfully, we will be acquiring several other homes to provide a haven for our families, while at the same time, revitalizing and beautifying the City of Flint. We plan to acquire several abandoned or foreclosed homes in the Genesee County, MI area within the coming months. These homes will require major renovation as most of the empty homes in Flint have been stripped. OHT will work with DE Recycling as well as dozens of local residence ready to volunteer!

    Most importantly, we are in need of funding to bring our dream to fruition. There are no transitional housing centers in Genesee County for female veterans, with or without children. There are over 150 homeless, or soon to be homeless, female veterans in our surrounding area of Michigan. It is imperative that Our Home Transitional is up and running immediately, as our women veterans will be coming home soon.

    Help OHT give these women a place to call their own.

    Contact us by: OHT Email 810.309.9822 CAGE: 6RM78
    OHT Website OHT Facebook OHT Donations

    Copyright © 2012 Our Home Transitional. All Rights Reserved.

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