I work there, I just don’t have to care about it.

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    Emily Landsman

    I was quite pleased with the feedback from my discussion question last week, What was your last non-tax related interaction with your local government? Comments ranged from “I’ve written letters and made phone calls” and “I was approached to run for office” to “I don’t remember the first time or the last time!” That last reply was just as valid as any other, though on a network for those somehow involved in government operations, everyone should have an active answer.

    While increasing citizen engagement is an ongoing exercise at every level, there’s no reason not to lead by example.

    How can we make those who work for government more active in government?

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    Jerry Rhoads

    I have always believed that the management at the top (the top brass) needs to have their employees engaged in the mission of the agency. This goes for the private sector –your employees must understand why your company/agency exists! Maybe we should copy the military, they know why they serve.

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