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    For the whole nation’s economy, I couldn’t pretend to suggest a fix but I could write a short story on what I know best – and that is 47 years in and out of uniform with the DoD.

    Unlike recent past wars, and rightly so, our troops are finally revered at home. One problem with that is that many uniformed leaders in the DoD are abusing this popularity with massive acts of waste, fraud and abuse in the name of serving the troops.

    Please allow me to be perfectly clear, the troops not only deserve, but need, every penny that ensures that they are NOT in harm’s way when dealing with recalcitrant, cowardly enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Cowardly, because these people will blow themselves up – aiming at us but willing to put out scores of their own people to gain ‘martyr’ status in their twisted version of life on this planet.

    Unfortunately, many U.S. rear echelon Commanders are riding on the shirt tails of our frontline heroes and further gumming up DoD expenditures by submitting budgets that are not at all frugal nor realistic in these times of fiscal crisis. It is no wonder that Secretary Gates, whom no one can challenge for his integrity and stellar leadership, wants to throw in the towel.

    There are things going on in the name of “supporting the troops” that would make one’s hair rise that are anathema to DoD fiscal responsibility and contributing to the demise of the overall US economy. Things that non-veteran Congress people will not challenge because it would be a death knell for the 2012 elections, on either side of the aisle.

    In lieu of that short story I could write…I have tried to get the attention of my representative and other heavy hitters with some plausible suggestions that would save billions of dollars but have been totally unsuccessful, which I find ironic in this age of the Internet and “transparency in Government.”

    Every time I suggest something to those in charge? I get a nice ‘thank you for your unfettered interest in our nation, and where do you want us to send your keychain?”

    It would be a great service of ‘govloop’ if you could tell me where I could send, not hackneyed, but well thought out suggestions for returning DoD to its age-old commitment of fiscal responsibility.

    Just a few items that need drastic overhaul are:

    *Overseas housing policy (here we are talking many, many millions of dollars.)

    *Saving at least 19% on European TDY expenditures, not only for on-scene travelers but Washington and other CONUS-based heavy hitters as well. (many millions.)

    *Saving that same 19% on rental utility costs for all off-base residents (additional millions.)

    I have detailed plans for all three that could be implemented tomorrow. No muss, no fuss. I just need to know who I can send the info to who will give a crap.


    dpmck USAF Enlisted 1958-1979, DoD Civilian 1980-2006

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