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    Terrence Hill

    I read this Wharton article by the same title, which got me thinking about government. Many of us can’t give raises, then what can management do to engage and retain employees?

    The authors recommend using “Intrinsic Motivators” (see Dan Pink’s book Drive), including autonomy, mastery, and purpose. They also recommend holding an “Idea Tournament” (think IdeaScale challenges). Lastly, they recommend preventing “Emotional Contagion” by confronting negative emotions and fostering a positive work environment.

    All good ideas, but what can we do practically to motivate, engage, and retain employees despite pay freezes?

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    Andy Lowenthal

    Great question, Terry.

    I think the author makes a great point re: folks not realizing the impact of their negativity on the overall work environment. I agree that managers at all levels can work to foster positive work environments (and thereby greater organizational performance) by getting to the root of the negativity. Depending on our individual default settings, the natural reaction to a negative or pesky teammate is often one of anger.

    Having a private conversation (not “Can you see me please?,” but maybe casually over lunch or coffee) can go a long way in attitude readjustment. Obviously, it won’t work 100% of the time as some of us have deeper-rooted emotional issues than others. But recognizing human dignity as a key driver of employee satisfaction and morale is equal to, or sometimes more important then, giving someone a raise.

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    David Dejewski

    Well said, Andy.

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    David Dejewski

    I like the One Minute Manager approach – “catch people doing something right.” By focusing on the positive, down playing the negative, and providing a strong sense of mission and self-respect, we give our staffs something that money can’t buy.

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