If You Could Design Your Website From Scratch, What Would You Do?

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    Shannon Kennedy

    Imagine for a moment that you were given the task to design a website for your agency or organization completely from scratch. First you’d have to ask yourself, “How do I want this website to be used?”

    Would you use it as…

    A way to positively market your agency?

    An aggregated news source of information (i.e. a news web site)?

    A one-way voice web site, only to provide organizational information?

    An interactive way to engage with citizens?

    When you think about your organization’s online strategy, is citizen engagement at the core?

    Take this super quick survey and let us know how important communicating with citizens online is to you.

    To keep the discussion going even further, share your thoughts! Is your website being used effectively? What would you change?

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    Dick Davies

    If I could design from scratch, first thing I would do is get statistics on what people are coming to my website looking for.

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    Candi Harrison

    First thing to do: ask yourself, “who is my audience and what do they want?” If you limit your content to just that, you’d be doing your customers (and your agency) a great service.

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