If You Could Have Lunch With Anyone (someone really cool), Who Would It Be?

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    Lauren Modeen

    I’d go for Sloane Crosley, one of my favorite authors, and the female equivalent of David Sedaris.

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    Terrence Hill

    Steve Ressler – He is the coolest!

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    Kati Knowles

    I’d have to say Sherrod Brown, senator of Ohio. He simply amuses me!

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    Jay Johnson

    Definately Seth Godin.

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    Mary Miller

    Bradley Cooper as his character in Limitless.

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    Ed Albetski

    I hate the “echo chamber effect” of talking to people who agree with me all the time, so I’d like to have lunch with Rush Limbaugh. I know we have one thing in common; we both like the music of Chip Davis’ Mannheim Steamroller. We could end up like Ted Kennedy and Jerry Falwell and become friends or we may end up throwing pastries off the dessert cart at each other. Either way, it would be an interesting lunch!

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    Vajitha Ghouse

    Angela Merkel — Chancellor of Germany!

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    Kanika Tolver

    Steve Jobs and Jay-Z

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    Christine Brush

    I would love to have lunch with Betty White; I think she is such a fun lady, and shows us that age doesn’t matter!

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    Lauren Modeen

    you should bring both in together

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    Lauren Modeen

    yes – she would be so adorable

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    Lauren Modeen

    bring it!

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    Matthew Harline

    Ira Glass of “This American Life.” The stories he could tell. Or Peter Gammons of MLB.com, but that would be in the spring before my fantasy baseball draft. I have some picks that are female but I am not sure my motives would be intirely pure.

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    Lauren Modeen

    @Matthew – at least your are honest 🙂

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    Jesus Christ – I’d like to know the REAL story!

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    Mark Hammer

    I took guitar historian/dealer George Gruhn to lunch two Septembers ago, so I can’t put that on my wish list anymore. Forty years ago, I went for lunch with Ted Nugent, and that was pretty interesting, though I don’t know that I’d wish for a repeat.

    A good friend had the pleasure of meeting a broad range of international luminaries in his capacity as university president. He had very good things to say about Fareed Zakaria, was somewhat underwhelmed by the Dalai Lama, and saved his highest praise for former Clinton labour secretary Robert Reich. The few times I’ve seen him on The Daily Show support that assessment. He sounds like he might make for a wonderful lunch, though I imagine my food would get end up getting cold.

    Colin Powell would probably make for an equally mesmerising afternoon. The fact that he is reputedly fluent in Yiddish would add that little bit extra, and probably get us better service at the Carnegie Deli.

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    Carol Davison

    Jesus Christ, but it would have to be alone. I have enough of my own quesitons.

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    Kitty Wooley

    Todd Park, HHS’s CTO. Well, maybe after Steve Ressler…

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    I think it would have to be Michelle Obama. Not sure why. There’s got to be quite a story there. If not Michelle, Stephen King would be a close 2nd.

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    Dennis McDonald

    President Obama, absolutely.

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    Allison Primack

    Hands down, I would pick Paul McCartney. But if we’re talking gov people, I would pick Barbara Boxer or Diane Feinstein. Two fellow Californian women who have been in office for so many years? Sounds awesome to me.

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    Emi Whittle

    John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

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    Steve Ressler

    Terry – that’s easy. Just name the time/place I’m there. I’m a cheap date too (Five Guys or Breadline?)

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    Steve Ressler

    Obama, Buffett, Jay-Z.

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    Cristina Marrero

    This is quite interesting,,,,,so I suppose I will also weigh in.

    I suppose it would first be President Obama & Michelle,

    Warren Buffet, or any of the many 9-11 heros.

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    Andrew Nebus

    Interesting question, I actually started a trend after meeting someone from twitter….

    • Once a month, I find someone new to meet… lunch, dinner, drinks, etc.
    • Once a month, I re-connect with someone I haven’t seen in a while (same).
    • Once a month, I attend a training course or seminar (some months, there are several, some I have to push)
    • Once a month, I take my wife out – sans kid… arguably the hardest one to plan.

    Makes the “who would you have lunch with” question come up a lot!

    Short list of people I would enjoy having lunch with: Alex Howard, Adriel Hampton, Steve Ressler, Christopher Whitaker, Christof Putzel and Mariana van Zeller (Vanguard).

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    Joe Williams

    I’d go for Clayton Christensen, Harvard professor and mastermind behind disruptive innovation.

    Great topic! Love the responses so far.

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    Donna Ledbetter


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    Peter Sperry

    Chris Alvanas – Program Director, Washington Campus

    Chris is a digital photographer, Photoshop maven and a sought-after postproduction artist. He taught both of the one-day seminars I took on HDR photography and I would love to pick his brain one on one.

    Policy, busuiness and esoteric conversations have their place but very little matches learning how to create a work of art.

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    C Porche

    Malcom Gladwell his stuff has so many personal AHA! points

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    Mark Hammer

    And I’d be the fly buzzing beside you.

    Sometimes watching two or 3 people have a good discussion is remarkable food for the soul.

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    John Sim

    Joe, if you don’t mind, I’d like to join you and the Professor.

    By the way, Clayton Christensen has a new book out: The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators – this one is on my to-read list.

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    Paul Homan

    Hillary Clinton. I love Hillary.

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    Patricia Paul

    I would definitely pick lunch with Jesus Christ–what an opportunity.

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    Steve Ressler

    my new best friend and business partners

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    Farrell Rouse

    Maureen O’Hara and Betty White together. What fun that would be!

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    Rohn Brown

    MARIO CUOMO. “Mario, Mario… Wherefore art thou, Mario???”

    (If I’m allowed a 2nd… Neil Young too!)

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    Melba Davison

    I’d LOVE to be there for that interaction!

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    Living or Dead: well in the living category; its got to be Prince and the dead but I can’t have lunch with someone dead… can I?? Oh well, one of my ancestors (I’m a genealogy nut!).

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    Heather Coleman

    Two really good choices! I would have said Michelle Obama as well.

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    Matthew Harline

    Well I didn’t think it was fair to choose dead people or I would have said Robert F. Kennedy and Alexander Hamilton. Jefferson, as much as I admire hime was too much of a sphinx and even in death probably wouldn’t reveal what he really thought.

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