If you could make up your own job title, what would it be?

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    I admit, this discussion is just an excuse to post the cheesiest self-advertising video ever. (Not that marketing agencies routinely do this stuff…or do they?)

    You wouldn’t think a marketing agency would have trouble promoting itself, and yet…well there is this.

    Think of it this way – the government has to save money, and what does a title cost? $0!

    Via Gawker, originally on Copyranter.

    If these people get “Idea Engineer” then I get “Innovation Guru.” Why not?

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    Deb Green

    Wow – this video makes Rebecca Black look good 😉

    A cool title: Chief Listening Officer. Listen to what people are saying about our organization, both internally and externally, and helping the org do course correction as needed within the right channels. Essentially, a cooler title for a community manager.

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    I believe I have heard of that title. Imagine how much more productive agencies would be if they institutionalized this function AND made it transparent in terms of reporting out.

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    Jay Johnson

    Sweet, how about the Chief Awesomeness Officer!

    @Deb – Love the CLO idea, what a great job for an organization to have.

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    Jay Johnson

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