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    Angel Llerena

    …and was able to take one guest with you, who would you take and why?

    If Steve Ressler has not met with the President yet, I would take Steve Ressler, as GOVLOOP is the next best thing ever invented right now next to sliced bread. And instead of me explaining what potential government has working together with GOVLOOP, I let the President hear it first hand from the founder’s mouth. If Steve Ressler has already met the President, I’d have the hardest decision to make between which one of my teen daughters to take and meet the Leader of the WORLD’S SUPER POWER.

    I’d offer some concepts of my own for consideration that may contribute toward changing the economy for the better by; saving tax payers money on poor spending habits on programs and services among other items, increasing job placement initiatives including improving Veterans’ placements, providing low skilled and no skilled citizens better training opportunities, working closer with employers especially “small businesses,” providing employer incentives to keep jobs in the USA, developing a national youth program for all family classes that will naturally foster tomorrow’s leaders, and also creating better accountability measures when spending our money, all with an interest in supporting the President, contributing to keeping AMERICA being recognized as the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD to be part of.

    Where else does a group of genuinely interested government employees and others with interest in changing government for the better exist, with an open forum providing freedom of speech?

    Imagine, GOVLOOP is on the verge to becoming one of the loudest sounding board that all politicians will hear, I cannot think of any reason why the President would not want to discuss with GOVLOOP how it can be of service to US Government, and what an honor it would be for me being part of this history.

    What’s your story?

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    I’d bring my wife, letting her and Michelle hang out. I think I’d want to just talk about life – How’s it going in the White House? How’s it having an impact on being a husband and father? What did you least expect? What’s next, post-White House?

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