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    Steve Radick

    I’m on a plane right now headed out to Las Vegas for BlogWorld 2009 and then after that, will be making the quick flight over to San Francisco for the Web 2.0 Summit. I really like attending some of these commercial conferences focused on the broader social media community because it gets me out of the Gov 2.0 bubble in DC and exposes me to some of the more innovative things that are happening in the private sector. It gives me an opportunity to learn from the really leading edge thinkers on social media, collaboration, and transparency and hopefully take some of those ideas back to my government clients. It also give me a chance to get the word out to these Silicon Valley types about what’s going with Gov 2.0 and hopefully get some more of their brainpower focused on more public sector issues too.

    Because of the cost of attending and the location, I don’t expect too many other Gov 2.0 types to be there (except for the milbloggers, of course), but I’m interested in hearing your take on larger industry conferences like these that aren’t focused on just the government. Is there anything in particular that you’d like me to look for? To talk to people about? What types of things would you want to know if you were attending?

    Let me know and I’ll do my best to be your eyes and ears on the ground out here!

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    Barbara Sanborn

    Look for my son Timothy Jones. Therealtimjones.com. He attends many of these and is speaking at this one.

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    Steve Radick

    Will do Barbara! Thanks!

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