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    Everyday we go by or wander into FLEA Markets. We see street corner vendors selling illegal goods, that are violating trade, and intellectual property, but also helping to put hard working Americans out of jobs.

    We all have a duty and responsibility to stand up and do the right thing. You ask, “How can just little ole me do anything by myself?” The answer is very simple and the Customs and Border Patrol has helped us by creating “E-Allegations” an online reporting tools in which you can remain anonymous in your reportiing of suspected crimes of trade, such as selling illegal or fake goods.

    Simply go to and click on the TRADE link, and then on E-Allegations.

    I recently reported a fake sunglass seller in Florida selling thousands of pairs of fake Rayban, Gucci, and Fendi sunglasses. What the vendor was doing was illegal, they know it, and we all as Americans should not encourage this, because the money that Americans pay to fake goods goes back into organized crime syndicates across Asia, Africa, and Europe, etc. Money from fake goods is used to finance sex crimes, crimes against children etc. I am glad I take the time to report crime and you can too.


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