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    Like me, you’ve probably heard the word “virtualization” a lot and have some sense of what it means…but I still don’t feel as if I have a solid grasp.

    It seems like it means a lot of different things…
    The Wikipedia entry says virtualization may refer to:

    – Hardware virtualization
    – Full virtualization
    – Hardware-assisted virtualization
    – Partial virtualization
    – Virtual machine (VM)
    – Paravirtualization
    – Operating system-level virtualization
    – Application virtualization
    – Cross-platform virtualization
    – Virtual appliance
    – Virtual memory
    – Storage virtualization
    – Memory virtualization
    – Network virtualization
    – Virtual private network
    – Desktop virtualization
    – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    – Data virtualization
    – Database virtualization
    – Virtual chargeback

    What I really need is a Common Craft video, a picture or a short presentation with pictures to really get it.

    So can someone explain it me at a fifth grade level, using just a few words, sharing a link to a great background doc, or embedding a video, white paper or presentation?
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    Vinny Poliseno


    When it comes to virtualization think of it as consolidation. I tend to think virtualization & cloud computer are similar in many ways. Check out the Common Craft video for Cloud Computer I love their videos since like you said they are explaining complex teams at a fifth grade level. All the hubbub you mention above is just a lot of noise talking about the same topic. GovLoop also has a Virtualization page that has Tweets, Videos, and more on it.

    So my ten words or less here we go:
    Virtualization — Consolidating your hardware/software out of your agency to a “virtual” location.

    Well that was 11 =)

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Virtualization: The -ation form of virtual. ZING!

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    @Sterling – nice…you’re a funny guy 🙂

    @Vinny – Thanks. I’m going to feature the Virtualization page in a minute…should be interesting to see how others define it. We’ll let your extra word slide 😉

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    Henry Brown

    Quick and Dirty Response!

    is ROWE a word?
    Results Only Work Environment

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    Trevor Reaske

    I love those Common Craft videos. I have used them a couple times in presentations to explain virtualization and cloud computing.

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    David Fletcher

    In the context in which we are using it today, it most generally implies [disassociation of software from a specific piece of hardware (server).] Thus, your software application (or data) is no longer tied to a specific piece of hardware.

    My ten words are bracketed.

    It is very important in today’s world because of the potential for savings. When agencies began to flee mainframe environments because of expense, they would often just buy a new server every time they built a new app. It was easier to get grant funding this way. Most of these server based apps were never optimized for efficiency because individual servers were relatively cheap anyway.

    Here’s a very simple video. (Virtualization 101)
    There are quite a few out there.

    By the way, we’ve virtualized over 85% of our servers so far in Utah and will save millions of dollars in the process. In the process, we are setting up a platform for the private cloud portion of our Utah Hybrid Cloud Environment for the future.

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    Noel Carr

    The ability 2 run multiple operating systems on 1 piece of hardware

    Ten words (and two numbers)!

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    Srinidhi Boray

    Let me try. Remote provisioning (management of allocation and deployment) of physical IT resources to the intended project. This includes processors, servers, storage, partitioning of the storage, operating system, bandwidth, application software, configuration of the application software etc. This helps in increasing the capacity utilization of the IT resources while improving “economy of scale”.

    Many agencies have over deployed, while some are under deployed and these cannot be leveraged across various projects. So the IT investment are unevenly utilized leading into wastage of resources. Virtualization helps achieve optimization in IT investment.

    Did I forget – green effect – reduction in carbon – lower power consumption – more eco-friendly. Yes, they all occur in theory.

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    subroto mukerji

    Virtualization – A fancy way of saying terminal and a keyboard.

    Back when Bill Gates was a kid in high school he had a terminal, keyboard and a modem hooked up to a mainframe somewhere. Because resources were precious (processors, memory, hardware and software) and expensive he was only allowed to use it for a certain period of time.

    This isn’t the case anymore nowadays. All of the resources that were precious are quite common today. But the same challenges to computing remain. How do I get access to data given the availability of hardware and software? One answer to that puzzle is virtualization.

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    Bandar El-Eita

    Your box is a pipe to a bigger, better box.

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    subroto mukerji

    Bandar is right.

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    AJ Malik
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    Love it! Thanks, Bandar!

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    A picture’s worth…10 words? 🙂

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    David Phillips

    “A Datacenter without borders and very few boundaries”

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    Daniel Bevarly

    Virtualization – Providing a presence that supports a mission without actually being there. For people, offering knowledge, input, feedback; essentially your services.

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    Judy Connelly

    Subroto and Bandar I think you guys nailed it in very common terms! Thanks

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