In 7 words or less, what’s your #1 lesson from 2013?

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    Steve Ressler

    I can’t believe it but the year is approaching the end. A lot happens in a year – we grow, we stumble, we learn.

    Instead of a new year’s resolution post, I want to hear what you learned in 2013.

    In 7 words or less, what’s your #1 lesson from 2013?

    Could be a person lesson, could be a skill lesson, could be anything.

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    David B. Grinberg

    Persevere in agency mission despite fiscal adversity.

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    Mark Hammer

    No lessons. Just more of the same.

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    Strategic thinking is essentially making shit up.

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    Steve Ressler

    Ha – I like the quote which is basically – pick a direction and start executing like h#ll

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    Joe Flood

    It’s like the poster, “We have a strategic plan – it’s called doing things.” Really love that.

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    William Thomas

    Better Story Telling.
    By that I mean I would like to develop better skills to communicate and describe the work I do and my staff does in our program. A resolution for 2014 is to take the time on a regular basis to really capture the activities, outputs, and outcomes we have accomplished. As I look back over 2013, I can see all the good work we did — but it’s too bad I didn’t tell anyone about it!

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    Keep up w/technology or someone else will.

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    Jose Ibarra

    In Government, Customer Service is everyone’s responsibility.

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    Terrence Hill

    Engagement is everyone’s responsibility, not just managers’

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    Kristina Marzullo

    Leadership is WITH people, not TO people.

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    Change favors the agile and adaptable.

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    Andrew Soper

    You can’t change somebody’s mind. You can only create opportunities for them to change it themselves.

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    Phil Hanson

    Shit always happens – make fertilizer

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