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    When you pick up the phone or start to compose an email or go to a web site to place an order for a product or service, how do you select who you’re going to use? It’s more than price, isn’t it? Certainly, it can’t be about just government designations for small, disadvantaged, woman-owned, and/or veteran-owned businesses, can it? Is it the responsiveness or the friendly voice in customer service? Is it that they’ll stand behind their products no matter what? Is it the assurance that the task will get completed in a timely manner? Is it the salesperson who calls or drops by the office monthly? Is it the company’s reputation in the industry?

    I was thinking about this because a business I know of that works with government clients is in the running to be the Official Small Business of NASCAR through a promotion with Office Depot at In fact I’m sure Greener Concepts would love to win your business and your nomination as well, but I digress… what are the deciding factors when placing an order? You vote for businesses with your pocketbook (even if it’s the government’s pocketbook). How does one company win out over another when it comes to earning your trust and ultimately securing your business?

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    Terri Jones

    I liked to check references and hear from other agencies that had used the vendor. I felt like government was unique and I really wanted to know how a vendor worked in our setting. I also liked to know that they consistently met project timelines and deadlines because in my case, IT projects, I could lose support for my effort if it wasn’t delivered on time. Budget is nice but sometimes we figure out that the scope needs to be bigger than our original planning. Understanding government and delivering when promised were most important to me and I usually got the best information from other customers. Often you can get this information if you travel to users’ conferences or conferences for your ageny type.

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