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    Matthew Hall

    This discussion is about the use of Microsoft SharePoint. Typically each government Ministry has an IT Branch that does its best to develop software development standards and help to support the process of procuring, developing and maintain the IT assets of the Ministry. There are pieces of the puzzle that the IT Branch usually keep tight control over. For example, a Branch will never go out a buy a server and install Oracle on it so they can built a database.

    With the introduction of SharePoint we are seeing something similar to thing start to happen. More particularly with SharePoint 2007 and MOSS add-ons or with SharePoint 2010. Getting a SharePoint site with these added MOSS pieces basically provide the business area with an execution environment. This can be a potential issue for the IT Branches because they typical create SharePoint sites and give full control over the the business area client. The client now has the ability to build custom applications to run within MOSS and these pieces are outside of the current business model and standards for development and support.

    So the question for discussion is, how can we change the business model to allow the IT Branches to govern this type of a tool?

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