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    Dr. John Hudson

    I’d like to hear thoughts, concerns, and share best practices regarding the “art of Information-Sharing” in Government and across DoD and other Agencies.

    We just initiated a research effort investigating this area and in support of the study we are reaching out to this community in an effort to discover how other entities share information and/or collaborate. The research focus is not for discovery of various technological solutions but more targeted at the “attitudes” which may reinforce NOT sharing information.

    Thank you, in advance, for your candid contributions.

    V/R –

    Dr. John G. Hudson II

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: (402) 232-7700

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    Mark Hammer
    “Diagnosing and Fighting Knowledge-Sharing Hostility”, by KENNETH HUSTED and SNEJINA MICHAILOVA, in
    Organizational Dynamics, Volume 31, Issue 1, August 2002, Pages 60-73

    Is about as exquisite a cataloguing of the “things that get in the way” as you are likely to find anywhere. can’t recommend it highly enough.
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    Laura Bennett

    Are you involved in ACT IAC? I recommend looking up the Collaboration and Transformation SIG, particularly the Info-Sharing component as a potential source of information/resource. I just spoke with the co-chair today about their whitepapers and activities in increasing sharing information across organizations. If interested, I can put you in touch with one of the cho-chairs. Thanks.

    Here is the overal web url:

    Click on SIGs and committees for more info.

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    Dr. John Hudson

    Thank you, Mark. We will check this out!


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    Dr. John Hudson

    Laura …

    Sorry for the delayed reply but this would be great. I’m checking out the website now …


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