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    Arlene Stanton

    I work in an agency that has a regulatory program.

    Given new technologies and social media vehicles now available, I’m wondering how others who work in a regulatory capacity may be using, or thinking of using, these new tools to open up communications with your ‘regulated entities.’

    Any thoughts appreciated – thank you and Happy New Year!

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    One quick example I found, Arlene:

    Let me know if I’m on the right track and I’ll see what else I can find…

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    Arlene Stanton

    Andrew, thank you!

    I am personally very interested in consumer/patient interests, so thank you for what you sent.

    Since you were kind enough to suggest you might have more up your sleeve, let me add a little background as far as my recent request:

    My division, for instance, regulates opioid treatment programs (commonly known as methadone clinics); although medication-assisted treatment has proven effective, its use is complex, and so treatment is heavily regulated. On a day to day basis, we deal with a range of questions from States and the programs themselves, provide official ‘guidances’ to the field, etc.

    Our Govloop query relates to our interest in opening up communications, perhaps via online forums or similar means, so that programs and States are able to more immediately communicate with us – and with one another – about shared questions, problems and also solutions. So, we’re wondering whether and how other regulatory organizations are doing this; and what issues and challenges they may be encountering.

    Will appreciate any feedback, and much appreciate yours!

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