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    Richelle Koffman

    I have been charged by MDT to come up with a way to improve internal communication and create transparency with in the organization. There are so many different divisions within MDT that spans the entire state. Which software is used to create govloop? I think that the layout for this is exactly what we need at MDT. If you could let me know, that would be great.



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    Jeff S

    We have found office communicator to be very helpful for internal communication.

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    Steve Ressler

    Hey Richard – GovLoop is built on Ning but there are also a ton of technologies similar to it.

    How big is MDT?

    I think a mix of things are great:

    -instant message – like Office communicators

    -blogs – good to have regular blog posts from senior leaders on the vision and where things are going

    -social network type solution – from salesforce chatter to jive to sharepoint to ning/etc

    -email newsletter – we still see a lot of success with our govloop newsletter and think that is still a great internal communication tool

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    Mark Hammer

    Improving internal communication is more than a matter of simply “throwing it out there”. The goal is to have everyone in the loop and on the same page. You need to have a dependable common gateway, something as central and authoritative as the 6:00 news, or old-fashioned bulletin boards or “Monday morning assembly hall” that everybody knows they can tune into (and a virtual assembly hall is kind of a neat idea).

    So, for me, step 1 is to figure out what sort of common gateway you’d want. That will entail understanding what employees want and need to know, and how they would likely search for it and expect to see it presented. Remember, it’s only “communication” if they can easily find what they want and it makes sense. That usually involves more from management than mere memos.

    “Transparency” is $100 word I see bantered about a lot. And while it is a noble goal, I tend to see very little depth of thought allotted to what it means.

    What is supposed to be more transparent to who? What do you want that transparency to achieve? Should it result in people asking fewer questions, should it foster more collaboration between different sectors of the agency, is it simply to make people less suspicious? Transparency is nothing more than a descriptor. It is not by itself an organizational goal. So what are the organizational goals?

    That’s not a criticism, but merely some things to consider in order to make your endeavours more successful and satisfying.

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    Terrence Hill

    Of course I agree with Steve. I would also add that web-conferencing tools, such as Adobe Connect, Webex, etc. are great for connecting remote workers. If used properly, it will save time and money (e.g. transportation costs) and connect everyone. These tools are very interactive, including a chat, file/web sharing, video, and polling feature.

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    Ji-Hyon Mariano

    I completely agree with Mark. It’s not about the technology or what kind of website you build upon, rather it should be more about education. At the IRS we are ramping up the use of SharePoint and Office Communicator. We’ve also been using a virtual meeting program called Centra. The biggest challenge for us has been the lack of centralized and “in time” education for employees. Most can barely manage Microsoft Office programs and their email let alone understand all the functionalities that come with these tools. I would recommend you first decide what your goals are and build a plan around that, then start educating.

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    Chris Poirier

    Totally agree, it’s not about the “flavor” it’s about what you are attempting to accomplish. Finding that perfect mix of tools and reenforcing existing policies, procedures, and processes is the best route.

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    Joy Muhammad

    I am curently working on a project for the Aspiring Leaders Program and I am trying to come up with a list of Social Media tools that can be used to enhance workflow in Government Agencies. So far I have this list below. If you all know of others that I can research, your’e assistance is valuable.

    Adobe Connect

    Web Conferencing

    MS Office Communicator



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    Dennis McDonald

    Don’t start with software. Here are some of the issues:

    “On the Need to Tolerate Communication Diversity”

    Dennis McDonald, Alexandria VIrginia

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    Deb Green

    A platform is only the beginning. You need resources to make content and market the platform. More importantly, you need to build the coalition with leadership to have them use it to communicate on and through. If not, you’ll build it, and no one will come….

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    Kitsy M. Young

    I agree with Terrance. I am the DCO (Defense Connect On-line) Host/Moderator for Senior Staff & Deputy Meetings at my DoD Agency. DCO was an invaluable tool to us as we moved multiple buildings of employees from VA to MD and dealt with many complex topics on a weekly basis. Intellink is another excellent tool where you can create a web page and create links to other internal private networks and keep those secure.

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    Joy Muhammad

    Thanks for your advice.

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