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    Melinda Malico

    At the U.S. Department of Education, I and another colleague established an Office of Internal Communications in 2004.

    Currently, we (two people) write and publish the monthly, online employee newsletter — mostly designed to boost morale and educate staff about what we do, and also to highlight contributions made by colleages both in and out of work, offer “tech tips,” “news you can use,” (about the workplace, such as federal news), report on our 10 regional offices, run features, etc. We also host a series of twice monthly briefings on education best practices, policy, innovations, etc., with often stellar speakers (VERY hard to get staff to come????). We also help run All-Staff Meetings (our Sec. Arne Duncan is great about holding them) and help alot with employee engagement efforts. We also do the weekly calendar of events that runs on the home page of our Intranet site, and contribute greatly to our Intranet site (which is actually run by our CIO office). We also run TWO employee volunteer programs which should not be in our office….

    Questions: Are their other internal communications offices in fed govt? Is so, what do you do? Are you housed in communications office or management? How many staff? And do any of those office oversee your Intranet site? Any comments welcome! I saw that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has an entire office devoted to this, with a large staff. We have about 4,000 employees, they have fewer. We have 2 people….they have a bunch.

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