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    Steve Ressler

    Welcome! Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

    I’ll start – Steve Ressler, founder of GovLoop. Currently, I’m based in Tampa but I hope to get back to D.C. in the near future. I’ve worked for a variety of agencies and am also the co-founder of Young Government Leaders (

    UPDATE: September 2014
    -I’m back in D.C. and this thread is awesome with thousands of comments. Leave yours!

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    Steve Ressler

    Very cool idea – I know a ton of baby boomers who still want to engage and help others (but maybe don’t want a full time job). Are any government agencies using the service?

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    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Shai!

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    Jennifer C Morin


    Its good to be here! I found this website from the book “Encore Careers Handbook” by Marci Alboher. Fantastic book by the way. I am on a quest right now, a journey if you will. My daughter is all grown up, in her junior year at Tulane, and ready to embark on adult life (she’s chomping at the bit actually!). I have been her only parent for her 21 years and have worked a hodgepodge of jobs, nothing ever really to call a career. Now though, I have time, I am happily remarried to a SSG in the army and have support to pursue my elusive degree. I am about 4 semesters away from a b.s. in Organizational Leadership. Volunteering at various non-profits, I hope to get into the field of animal welfare, environment, or archives (I had a side business as a genealogy consultant) in the public service/gov’t. I am here to glean information and get to know the world of public service. Any advice, mentorship, instructional guidance would be more than welcome! I am a novice!

    Again, so glad to be here. Thanks.

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    Charles A. Ray

    Jennifer: Welcome to GovLoop. I think you’ll find everything you’re looking for here.

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    Jennifer C Morin

    Thank you!

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    John Lambert

    Training is mostly informational, “death by PowerPoint,” because there are so many folks to train. We are augmented by a on-line training system where employees can complete certain mandatory trainings on their own, even from home, if they desire.

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    Andrena Thompson

    Hello there
    My name is Andy Thompson and I have just joined the community. I am an Emergency Response Manager actively looking for employment in my field. I was deployed to the East Coast last fall to help with Hurricane Sandy which was a huge eye opener in terms of the size of the disaster.

    I currently live in the Midwest but have been fortunate enough to have lived or visited several countries around the world prior to putting down roots in the US.

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    Nichelle Rogers


    My name is Nichelle Rogers and I am a Program Analyst with the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR) located in Denver, Colorado. ONRR is an office within the Policy, Management and Budget office in the Department of Interior. I have worked for ONRR (and its predecessor) for almost 14 years and my current area of work centers around the organization’s planning & performance and workforce planning. I am also a Diversity Change Agent for ONRR, which allows me the opportunity to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

    In addition, I currently serve in two non-profit organizations as officers: Regional President, Blacks In Government – Region VIII and Community Involvement Chair, Young Government Leaders – Denver. My passion in life is in service to others and I have always had a great appreciation for those who work in government jobs, be it military, federal, state or local, because of my father’s career in the Army.

    I am excited to be included in a growing community of government employees and look forward to sharing ideas, concerns, etc., with you all.

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    Bob Pinzler

    Hello there!

    I am a former local elected official (1993-2001) in a medium sized CA city. Since then, I have been involved with private sector companies dealing with various government services/capabilities.

    In addition, since 2001, I have been a regular columnist in our local weekly newspaper dealing with the topic of local government…at least most of the time.

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    Jessica Summers

    Hello All!

    Although I am not employed within the federal government, I am seeking employment within. I currently work for a transit company as a payroll clerk. I like my job, but I feel there is no growth within the company. I am a full time graduate student at Marymount University and was led to GovLoop through the career services at my school. GovLoop helped me focus on jobs that I qualified for and how to “Rock My Resume.” I have read many blogs and actively search for ones with new information. This has been more of a learning experience than a job search. I am very thankful for all of the information I have received so far and look forward to obtaining more.

    Thanks everyone (blogs and all) for your input!

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    L Michelle Baker

    Hi – This is Michelle Baker. I teach government biologists how to write more clearly. I work mostly with the Fish and Wildlife Service, although I’ve also helped Animal Plant and Health Inspection Services. As a native West Virginian, a lifelong resident of the Blue Ridge mountains, and an amateur birder, I’m grateful to you for the work you do to preserve our nation’s natural and agricultural heritage. And even if I can’t contribute to those efforts directly, I like to think I can make your job easier by giving you some tools to help you become a more confident writer.

    So if you have any questions about writing, ask. I’m here to help!

    And I hope you don’t mind if I ask you questions as well. I’m still learning about the many different kinds of documents you write, and the many challenges you face in writing them.

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    Steve Ressler

    My name is Chris Lewsley, I am single. I like to make friendship. I am looking for a real and true friendship here.

    I am 5.6 feet in height, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, a good listener and a positive person. I enjoy driving which I do often at my leisure time. I like going to the movies or watching movies at home.

    I am an Engineer and I work with British Marine Corp ( Shipping Section ) here in London England. I have travelled to many parts of the world due to my work and I am enjoying it. I would like to explore other areas of life to have broad knowledge about events as they happen globally.

    My hobbies are all about love making, sharing, caring, discussing and romancing whenever I am not working. So there is never a dull moment in my life because I like keeping company and talking about physical well being of people. I like every thing positive and clean.

    I love nature, enjoy learning and have a deep respect and love for children. I am fascinated with the world and different cultures and would enjoy learning more about them. I believe in one God and I respect all religion.

    Please contact me and let’s talk to start our friendship. I am looking forward to hear from someone.

    Chris Lewsley

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    Phyllis I. Behrens

    I am Phyllis Behrens, Ph.D. I’m an academic based in Wichita Falls, TX. I devote summers to research which is often conducted in other states and is anticipated to eventually lead me towards Halifax and Orkney areas. I worked as a non-residential real estate analyst in the 1970s and 1980s, for the FDIC during the S & L (Thrift) crisis of the 1980s, and ran a small non-profit in the 1990s. In the mid-1990s I transitioned to the Academy. Between August and May each school year, I teach six graduate classes of hopeful public and health administrators and am very much involved with my home institution. I grew concerned when my students did not pounce on opportunities presented by sites such as Young Government Leaders because my own Texas Tech M.P.A. cohort longed for resources such as that. So, coming upon the GovLoop link on the Public Manager website several times, I decided to explore. After being accepted into membership here, I began reading page one of the community’s introductions. After about ten pages I decided to go to the end and read from the last to the first. I got to page 239. I am impressed by the abundance of talent here and delighted by the chance this community presents to stay aware of public service issues as well as to better understand how government works. You can add me on Linked In:

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    Chris Smith


    Just thought I would share a new site which makes complaining to your local council anywhere in the UK very easy. If you are struggling to get your complaint across then you are going to like this website.

    Complain to your local council


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    Emily Fausch

    My name is Emily. I started with the Federal government last March and completely love it! Before I worked in the government, I taught Special Education in Elementary school and in a Charter school (6-12th grades).

    After having difficulty keeping a job in the private sector, I decided to go into a government job for the job stability and security.

    Now I work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Colorado as an Administrative Support Assistant. Yes, it’s A LOT of paperwork, but as a special ed. teacher I had two times more!!

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    Tod Wulff

    Good day. My name is Tod Wulff. I am a former US Marine (MOS 6353) now working in the Aerospace and Defense Industry Segment as a Director of Government Programs at an aviation services provider. I work from my home office in SE Michigan. Our headquarters are here in the Midwest.

    I’ve joined the community, as a member of industry, in order to gain access to tools that will help me keep abreast of those issues and dynamics that affect my customer base (primarily folks in the US Military and civilians in the US Public Service sectors).

    I look forward to contributing when able and appropriate. Thank you for the opportunity to join and introduce myself. Take care.

    -Tod Wulff


    p.s. Steve (or other site admins), as an FYI, please note that the sub-communities link in this thread’s initial post ( is borked at the moment. It is 404’g.

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    My name is Meg Doolittle and I just graduated in the most recent class of Diversity Change Agents for the Department of Interior. I work as a geologist in Baker City, Oregon. Our nearest large city is Boise and it is 2 hours and a time zone away. I really enjoyed my experience with the Diversity Change Agent classes which included a couple of courses from FranklinCovey. Thank you for creating a site that we can exchange ideas instead of recreating the wheel every time we try something new.

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    Emily Fausch

    You were in the most recent class of Diversity Change Agents, so was I. Did I, by chance see you?

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    Nathan Wilson

    Baker City is my old stomping ground. I work for the USDA-Farm Service Agency and was there for seven years. I used to play basketball with Jason McClaughry with the State who you may run into from time to time.

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    Cynthia Hinkle

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Cynthia Hinkle and I am a young professional who graduated from Baldwin-Wallace College in 2011. After college I landed a job as an Assistant Property Manager at a Retail Properties of America (a commercial property management compay) and have been working there for almost two years. While in school I worked for two summers in our city hall building department. This is where I got my first taste of government work.

    I have been looking to obtain a new position and have thought about going into a government position. My dream would be to land a job in DC, but I am currently living in Ohio. I am hoping to connect with members who may be able to help or have insight into landing a job in federal government. I also am looking forward to taking advantage of everything this website has to offer.


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    Simone Shelby

    Good Afternoon All,

    I’m looking forward to further exploring this community and taking advantage of all it as to offer. I’ve been a part of the Intelligence Community for almost 12years now but have been unemployed for the past 6months-Not by choice. The command I was serving with had major budget cuts and had to shut down so I was forced out of the position and have been searching for employment since. Finding employment has proved to be harder than expected and since I have a few restrictions on my part (Family and pending wedding), I can’t pack up the family and move. So I’m restricted to a certain region for employment. I’m hoping that this site will provide me further insight and perhaps a few avenues I can utilize not only in my career search but also within the career field as well.

    I thank y’all for approving my membership and look forward to networking!

    Simone Shelby

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    Nick Robinson

    Hi All,

    My name is Nick Robinson, and I work for SAP’s Public Sector group. Looking forward to meeting everyone and having some amazing discussions about the role of technology in government! In the meantime, if anyone has any questions for me, feel free to let me know!


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    Sylvia Williams


    My name is Sylvia Williams. I’m from the Detroit, Michigan area. I work for the City of Detroit as a Human Rights Specialist (a job I enjoy very much). I have been with the City going on 30 years and have had great experiences and gained invaluable knowledge from each area I have been too.

    I will be graduating with my MSA in the spring. It is my desire to further my career by gaining employment within the Federal Government. The suggestions and ideas on this site are very enlightening. What a great idea for those of us who want to know more of what to expect and what is expected of us. I thank you for this site. I will be a frequent reader.

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    Steve Ressler
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    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Nick – big fan of SAP. What division do you work in?

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    Steve Ressler
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    Steve Ressler
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    Steve Ressler

    Good catch – will fix

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    Bessy Plaza


    I am looking forward to this format of this kind of learning. I have started a new job a few months ago here at the Architect of the Capitol. I worked about 8 years with USDA. I enjoy this format of learning it is simular to University of Phoenix.

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    Nick Robinson

    I am actually in the North American division based outside of Philadelphia, PA. Thank you for the kind words! Look forward to learning in the community!

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    Dan Lee

    Hi, I’m Dan Lee. I moved to DC in 2009 to take a Post-doc fellowship after grad school in history, and have stayed ever since. My first experience in the government was at the DOD, and I’d like to get back into the government using my history degree or German language skills as appropriate.

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    Cynthia Hinkle

    Thank you so much. I look forward to attending this!

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    Tamara Merges

    My name is Tamara, I am a Retired Chief Warrant Officer 3, with a mater’s degree in Education of Psychology. I served 20 years in the military and 3 + years as a government employee, working intelligence operations as they apply to Homeland Security. I’ve worked as a Team Chief for the US Army forces Command Security Threat Team and now for the Department of Education in the Office for Civil Rights as a Management & Program Analyst. My duties encompass coordinating, researching, authoring, ediiting, producing intelligence reports and presentations for senior managers. I look forward to meeting more professionals via this forum.

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    Paul Yeates

    Hello all,

    My name is Paul Yeates and I work for the City of Pearland Texas as its Network Administrator. I hope to find this as and arena to exchange ideas, broaden my knowledge, and further build a professional network. I’m looking forward to spending time here.


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    P. Rana Stewart

    Hello Everyone,

    I truly enjoy the the name GovLoop, it fits. I work for the Dept. of Commerce in D.C. I am looking to network to find my passion/nitch within the Fed world. I have been in the Fed world for four years with several different titles, now I am ready to have one title and stick with it, HR. I know its a lot of hard work, but I am truly ready to return and not leave. I am interested in doing every aspect within the HR realm and even taking classes to make myself more marketable. The “Sequestration” is truly on mind as well as everyone else, I am just trying to ensure that there is something left to move forward with great opportunities. Good Luck everyone!! Thank you for your time and a great opportunity.

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    Kelly Ellis


    I am excited to start this program because i believe that i can learn other spects of the agency.

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    Carlos Rivera

    Hi I’m Carlos Rivera from Puerto Rico.

    Information Technology professional, with expertise in the IT/Management/Engineering Fields within the pharmaceuticals, electronics and medical device environments. Experienced as a Quality Assurance, Systems Analyst/Technician and Network Administrator, Proven as pro-active, dependable with expertise in analyzing and resolving complex issues with manufacturing applications, infrastructure operations and system integration; demonstrated ability to build cohesive teams, training, work under pressure, adapt quickly to new technologies and improve productivity. Proven supervising, technical support, systems integration, and customer facing skills in the delivery of client based solutions. Cost control focused; Recognized for leadership, operational excellence, customer service, and teamwork in driving customer value through technology services. Adapted to attention and detail, honoring time schedules, while keeping multiple tasks moving along simultaneously; high organized and results oriented.

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    Tonya Johnson

    Hello. Tonya Johnson current HR Officer at the FCC. I’ve been in the federal government and HR for over 20 years in the Washington, DC area.

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    Ina Odessa Shaw

    Hello I’m Ina Shaw and I work for the Department of Energy as the Program Manager for Performance Management for the SES, SL/ST employees department wide. I started as a Clerk-Typist and worked my way up to a Human Resources Specialist in the Office of Executive Resources Management Division, Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer.

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    Martha Castillo


    I’m Martha Castillo. My background is in the social service, education, medical and information sciences. I have an MLIS from San Jose State University and a B.A in Sociology from CSU Fullerton. I was most recently the Latino Outreach Librarian for the City of Santa Monica’s public library system, working with youth and their families as a bridge to library services and programs. Previous to working in libraries, doing research, programming, collection development, and grant-writing, I worked for 12 years for the state of California as a senior vocational rehabilitation counselor and a disability insurance representative, and have also worked as a college tutor, and a learning resource center aide. I have worked both in California and the Southwest regions. I am currently seeking a program analyst or research-related position with the federal and/or state government and I am really glad to have found GovLoop! Thanks for inviting me onboard!

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    Sheree Jenkins

    I am Sheree Jenkins, Defense employee with 27+ years of service in multiple agencies. Former USCG Reservist. Background based in HR, specifically Workforce Planning, Staffing, Information Systems, and Benefits. A learn it all, do it all kinda gal. Love new projects.

    Looking forward to interacting and learning with everyone.

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    Debra Hill

    Hi, glad to be a part of something so great! I’m a 20+ year employee with the US Postal Service and want to gain valuable knowledge on furthering my career within government. Can’t wait to read blogs and other info to help me along.Thanks so much!

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    Jon Auve

    Greetings everyone,

    My name is Jon Auve’. I am a Management Analyst with the State of Washington. I specifically work for the Department of Social and Health Services. I am responsible for providing data and analysis for a variety of programs. I have been working for the Department for 15 years. My first 10 years involved being a case manager and working directly with the people we serve. It was in my 11th year that I was given the opportunity to work for our Headquarters office and start pulling data, building databases, and reporting out analysis on the benefits we provide. I have had the opportunity to provide PowerPoint presentations with data and analysis to the Governor of Washington on two different occaisions. I have been involved with planning and implementing new programs and reports to be used agency-wide. I found this to be my true passion. I get to explain to high ranking public officials and communities on the amount of services we provide on a monthly basis. I travel to different sites and review their processes and make recommendations for improvement as well as share with other offices any successes.

    The opportunity to learn more about Government and how to gain knowledge and additional skills has me very excited. I look forward to talking with everyone on the site as well as learning from each of you.

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    Jeff Redington

    Hi, My name is Jeff Redington. I am an IT Services Specialist with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. I was here as a contractor for 4 years before being hired on directly 5 months ago. I am looking forward to making a difference in my new role with the State of Wisconsin.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am a former DOD civilian with time at the Washington Headquarters Service as a Contract Specialist. I left to go back to industry, but after 21 years at the Federal Reserve I prefer working for the government versus industry. I am now looking to rejoin the government in a contracting or project management capacity. I am interested in analytical positions or leadership.

    I have a varied background and enjoy helping others reach their goal so I always mentor and coach others while I seek a mentor for myself. I am new to the D.C. metro area (about 4 years) and am open to staying in D.C. or relocating back to my home state of Texas.

    I look forward to the networking and job opportunities on govloop.

    If I can assist someone in any way, please reach out to me.

    Robert Sherbondy

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    Ayah Wali

    Ayah Wali, Management Analyst for the National Biodefense Science Board in the Office of Policy and Planning for the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response in the Department of Health and Human Services. I am based in Capitol Hill, Washington DC. Plans, decisions, and actions are undertaken daily to achieve health care goals, and playing a critical role in achieving those goals is nothing less than fascinating. Technology is blooming and lifting our everyday work arena to heights and levels that once did not fathom the mind. As a government employee, I would like to see the changes in our workforce development and connect with those with driven minds and open ideas.

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    Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Darren Ottaway and I am the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Pelham, Ontario, Canada. I am thrilled to become apart of this network and have already been exposed to some amazing ideas and topics. I am currently working to embed a creative problem solving process in my organization with good results. The process starts with a “fuzzy situation” and them moves through eight steps: Problem Finding, Fact Finding, Problem Definition, Idea Finding, Evaluation and Selection, Action Plan, Gaining Acceptance and Action.

    It is my hope that by using this process administration, Mayor and Council and the public can be effectively engaged in solving their own problems, rather than citizens looking to government for the solutions to things which may not even be the right problem to solve in the first place.

    My Mayor and Council has starting using this process in Council meetings and it is incredible to see the absence of debate, division and controversy and rather, a process where all stakeholders come together to make sure they have the right problem and then work together to come to a solution.

    Again, I look forward to becoming apart of this community.


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    Claire Blaustein

    I’m Claire Blaustein, and a new addition to the Federal Government, having just started in January. I attended a GovLoop and GovDelivery event this morning, and came back to the office to join up. I’m very new to the federal government (only been here about 3 months), and it’s been rather daunting. I’m glad to see there’s a open minded (and tech-enabled) group out there.

    I live in Washington, DC, and work in Communications and Liaison. I come from a background in media and arts nonprofits, and am really looking forward to talking with this community and figuring out where my skills best fit!

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    Ressie Mull

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Ressie Mull. I am the Director of Security, Special Projects for the Department of the Air Force. I work in Texas. This is a great outlet for everyone in the government. I am surprised by how many people here in Texas have not heard of this network.

    I look forward to working with everyone. If you need any assistance, let me know. I am willing to help my government family.


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    Cave Man

    I happen to be a semi-retired Social Worker who has matters (s) to the President on various matters, including create jobs and reducting crime!

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    Erin M. Leaders

    My name is Erin Leaders and I worked in the beautiful town of Seward, Alaska as an Assistant City Clerk and Engineering Executive Assistant from 2003-2007. I am just returning to work now that my youngest child will begin school in the fall and I am back in college to continue my education. I now work for the Matanuska Susitna Borough in Wasilla, Alaska for the office of Emergency Management as an Emergency Operations Specialist.

    I have an Associate of Applied Science in Human Services and am working on my BA in Legal Studies to be followed by a MPA with an emphasis on Management and Healthcare.

    I have been “out of the loop” so long that I felt the need to find ways to get up to speed on the latest news in the field of public administration and government in general. I recently became a member of the American Society of Public Administration and found GovLoop as another resource to see what issues are facing professionals in our field of work today.

    Thank you Steve Ressler for founding GovLoop, I hope to gain valuable insight from the conversations, people and information provided here.

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    Brandi R. Bernal

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Brandi and I am a Budget Analyst providing fiscal analysis on a wide variety of agency issues and business processes for the Arizona Department of Transportation. I graduated maga cum laude from Arizona State University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Global Business with a concentration in Financial Management. I have enjoyed all that govloop has to offer and look forward to networking with others who have also dedicated their careers to public service!

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    James Hammond

    My name is James Hammond, I am currently the Communications Coordinator for the City of East Point. As a Skilled Communicator i am faced with problems that are not unique to all of you. Being asked to do more with less and less but consistently seeking innovation for methods and practices of doing things better. Currently i manage a Television station, social media, website, internal and external communications in a large media market. Just another day on the beach.


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    Anya Kajlich

    Good morning everyone!

    To start my last name is pronounced “Kie (like die)-lick” because that seems to have been the greatest challenge for the supervisors and administration I work alongside! I am a public health veterinarian with USDA FSIS in Southern California. It has been a challenge, but an exciting one, to enter and become familiar with the culture of government. Working at the federal level has been eye-opening and has just increased my desire to become involved at the highest level possible to advocate for public and animal health! Thanks for this great resource Steve!! I am also surprised that it is not known by more within my sector, but I am trying to spread the word!

    My best to you all,


  • #60288

    I’m Patrick Edgar, I usually go by “Pat”. I have just switched jobs to become the Director of the Professional Development Center for the State of Montana. For the previous seven years I have been a Professor of Public Administration and Director of an MPA program. So switching from academia to state government will be a bit of a transiton. My biggest challenge will be to reform a training and development program that has been run by the same person for 30 years. While I am anything but a youngster, I will still be the one trying to push new ideas. I consider the biggest challenges faced by government now is to improve citizen engagement, prepare for the retirement of the “Boomers,” (I’m actually one of them, to be honest) and facing continuing austerity measures. These are huge but not impossible challenges.

  • #60286

    Laura Raygoza

    Hello everyone,

    Mi name is Laura Raygoza I am currently an NSP program Coordinator for the City of Mishawaka, IN. Have been working with Local Goverment agencies for 9 years now and must say there have been challenging times but I enjoy the satisfaction of assisting public. I am glad to be a part of the decision making in programs that benefit the community. Currently I am attending a local University to obtain my Degree in Business.

    Look forward to hearing from others and their positions in the various goverment agencies.

  • #60282

    Hello! My name is Jen Laurinaitis and I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I am about to graduate with my Master’s of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

    I am currently a full-time stay at home mom who works part-time as an Adoption Counselor at a Humane Society. Previously I have worked in hotels and as a meeting planner and my undergraduate degree in Business Management. I am hoping to find a way to use my schooling and previous experience in the Federal Government. I am looking to get better acquainted with opportunities in the Chicagoland area as my Firefighter husband isn’t quite ready to relocate.

    In one of my classes we read a book called Good to Great by Jim Collins. It states that to be successful you have to be on the right bus, and in the right seat. I think that government is the right bus for me, now I just need to find my right seat!

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to learning from people who have been through this process before.

  • #60280

    Carol Garceau


    I am Carol and work in state government in Wisconsin for the Department of Corrections. The last two years I have been working in Probation/Parole but I previously worked in the prison system for 13 years providing security and facilitating treatment groups. I have been lurking on this site for a while now reading articles but did not set up an account because most of the information seems very heavily geared toward Federal government employees. We have been dealing with a higher than usual level of resentment toward public employees the past two years (as well as furloughs and lost earnings the past four years), so maintaining a positive attitude has been challenging. Sadly, I am counting the days until I can ‘retire’ (aka lock in my benefits before more is taken away) and move on to something else. But while I am here, I will continue to do the best I can every day to reduce the number of new crime victims and possibly even help a few offenders become productive community members. I hope to continue to gain some helpful hints here to improve my ability to do my job effectively yet efficiently.

  • #60278

    Barbara Dauerty


    I am no longer a government employee, but a retired USAF Officer. After 13 years as a civilian physician assistant, I joined the USAF. Continuing to work as a PA, Medical Readiness Inspector General for the Air, Education ad Training Command, Readiness Skills Verification Program coordinator for the BSCs, and chief of the Exceptional Family Member Program, making recommendations about people with family members with special medical situations, I returned to primary care before retirement in October, 2011.

    The great joys in my life are my children and grandson. By children, I mean the man and woman to whom I gave birth and their spouses. I never imagined that the most important job in my life would be so rewarding. It’s wonderful that, though it changes, parenthood is employment that never ends. As productive, loving people my children are an inspiration to me.

    As a retiree, I continue to give back by working as a Red Cross volunteer at the front desk of the Primary Care clinic at Randolph Air Force Base. I understand the vulnerability people feel when they are at the clinic, and believe the empathy generated helps me be more effective as a receptionist. I also volunteer at an aquarium, helping with projects and cleaning enclosures. Love of SCUBA diving was a prime motivator for this activity.

    Reading and singing are my other passions, and I indulge them as often as possible. I have added to leadership experience by serving two terms as President of the San Antonio Choral Society. As Vice-President of the Bexar County Physician Assistant Society, I help organize continuing medical education for the area PAs and NPs. Some of our informational meetings are even attended by physicians. I’m part of the planning committee for the first conference the BCPAS has planned in several years.

    I hope to resume part-time work as a PA in the near future. Until the right job shows up, I will continue to serve, advance my education and experiences.

  • #60276

    Maria Array

    My named Is Maria Array. I currently work for United States Army. I am a Automatic Logistical Specialist. I am looking forward to acquire a federal employment after transitioning out of the military. During my years in the military, I have worked supervising different individuals and making sure that they where doing there job according to military standards. I made sure that maintenance schedules were done in a timely manner. I am trying to acquire a more skills in order to built a very good federal resume.

  • #60274

    Earl Rice

    I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs at a Medical Center in Tennessee. Before that I worked for the Army in the DC area, before that the VA in Oklahoma, and before that for the Army at Rock Island Arsenal with the US Army Sustainment Command G1. That takes it over ten years ago. I was Active Duty with the Army for a real long time before that. In the Civil Service, I worked myself up from a GS 5 HR type to a Senior HR type (no internship, etc.). I am technically one of the Baby Boomers though I have become more and more cynical in my outlook. But that may be because I am so much closer to the end than the beginning, or that I take the Oath of Office I made serious. I am not seeking career advancement (all that would happen is it will throw me into a higher tax bracket and instead of seeing 36% of my income go to taxes; it would be above 40%). I am now looking at things at work with the outlook of how to make things easier to do my job. Don’t get me wrong, I can get down and dirty in all the HR regulations as good, and most of the times better than most. I enjoy looking at the articles on this web site, and contribute once in a while, just to reminds folks there is a lot more of the Federal Government outside of the Beltway than inside the Beltway (don’t miss that 2 hour drive to and from work either). So there we go. Oh, and someday I will get a pictures up.

  • #60272

    Ian Lucas

    Good morning everyone: Since 1994 I’ve been working with governments at all levels, to help them streamline their service delivery processes. I’m now co-owner of a tech startup, Public Service Request Inc. We provide a cloud-based service to the Public, and to Public Service Providers.

    From our website, anyone can create and submit a Service Request. We promise to deliver it to the right PERSON at the right Service Provider, then keep open the channel of communication so that actual feedback is a reality. Service Requests include: Complaints; infrastructure problems; requests for information; and suggestions. All departments can be included.

    For the Service Provider we deliver a comprehensive range of service request management processes and functions very close, and in some cases surpassing those found in a typical (expensive) 311 system.

    The system is currently implemented at three Public Service Provider Organizations, and Users are very happy with the business process streamlining that they have achieved, along with reduced cost of service delivery in virtually any Department.

    Many local government agencies aspire to implementing a 311 system, but the costs of the organizational requirements, and the time to implementation are just flat out prohibitive. We are looking for progressive Public Service Providers who see the advantages of being an early technology adopter, and have a strong desire to improve their Citizen Engagement profile. There is much discussion about all the theories. We are looking for people who just want to get on with the key components of it.

    If you relate to this profile, or know colleagues who do, please get in touch. We’ll explain the straightforward implementation options and steps. It’s designed to actually be easy to implement.

    We look forward to participating in the govloop community wherever we can.

    Thank you. Ian Lucas. Public Service Request Inc.

  • #60270

    Nattie Bokek

    I am Nattie, with SphereUp, high-tech Startup Company.

    We believe that we are about to revolutionize the way people connect with organizations, mainly with service- driven ones.

    We offer a “Google like” smart search for contact information, that “sits” on top of an organization’s website and allows site visitors to instantly find any person, department, or function they need.

    We are currently approaching municipalities, where digital consumers (prospects or customers) are generally looking for the quickest way to contact anyone (person or department) . The main feedback we are getting (following few deployments we had on City halls’ sites) is that personal communication matters, and that it was improved simply by providing visitors an instant access to contacts they need..

    Blog posts here look professional ,and I like the fact that GovLoop community exchange ideas, I believe this is a great opportunity for me to learn more about this whole new world.

    Nice meeting you.

    Nattie, SphereUp.

  • #60268

    Edkesha Anderson

    Hi Everyone,

    Im new here and hope to find some awesome resources for my journey through the different goverment phases, levels, and agencies. I am also looking to network with other young adults that have found their career homes in government.

    I am currently the Housing Community Development Coordinator for the City of Augusta’s Housing and Community Development Department. I mainly work with the Finance piece of the HOME Investment Partnership Program and a city bond funding urban redevelopment project (Laney-Walker/Bethlehem Revitalization Project). I am also the lead consultant for our Environmental Reviews and Social Media Efforts. Any new ideas on the Social Media portion would be greatly appreciated.

    I cant wait to meet all of you!

  • #60266

    Jacob Tury

    Hey I’m Jake,

    I’m a Engineering Technician Trainee at NASA Langley Research Center and a student. If all goes well when I graduate my position will become a permanent one.

  • #60264

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Jake!

  • #60262

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – have you checked out our social media guide? Has a lot of tips and examples

  • #60260

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Maria – have you read our free getting into government guide – check it out – lots of great tips –

  • #60258

    Steve Ressler

    Awesome – thanks for the note Earl. Keep fighting the good fight

  • #60256

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – welcome!

  • #60254

    Steve Ressler

    Hey Claire – thanks for joining. Glad you came to the event -have you heard of our Next Generation of Gov’t Training Summit – check it out – – it’d be perfect for ya and it’s our annual big event

    Also there’s a number of good free guides here including our new hire handbook that may be relevant –

  • #60252

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Ressie – what part of Texas are you from?

  • #60250

    Steve Ressler

    Thanks Erin – appreciate the kind words. Seward sounds amazing – enjoy the 24 hours of sunlight these days

  • #60248

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Brandi – have you heard of our Next Generation of Gov’t Training Summit? It’s our big annual event for Gen Y and X gov’t leaders – check it out

  • #60246

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – where’s East Point? You may be interested in some of our recent guides on social media, communications, & citizen engagement. All free & can get from our guides page –

  • #60244

    Steve Ressler

    Thanks Anya! Welcome welcome!

  • #60242

    Steve Ressler

    Hey Pat –

    Not sure if you saw but we just released a guide to citizen engagement (download on our guides page –

    What’s the biggest difference between gov & academia? What types of trainings are you trying to put on?

  • #60240

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Elisha – you may also want to check out Next Generation of Gov’t Training Summit – our annual training event for Gen Y & X gov’t leaders –

  • #60238

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome welcome – have you checked out our guide to getting into government (it’s free) –

  • #60236

    Steve Ressler

    Hey Carol – what do you hope to do when you retire?

  • #60234

    Steve Ressler

    Hey Robert – Very cool – always curious – what do you like about gov vs industry?

    Have you seen our getting into gov guide (it’s free) –

  • #60232

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Darren – you may be interested in our most recent free guide on citizen engagement (on our page that has all our guides –

  • #60230

    Carol Curtis

    The plan is for my husband and I to move out west – Arizona/Utah/New Mexico area to be closer to our parents.

    Ideally, I will officially retire in 5 years if the economy is more stable! That being said, if not, then I guess I will continue to work a few more years until I can actually retire for good!

    I would like to continue my work in the aquatics area – water fitness classes for the aging population and maybe even specialize in some personal training water classes and/or classes for older students are are not able to do land exercise so they can stay fit and healthy!


  • #60228

    Carol Curtis

    Hello there — I apologize for the delay as I did not see your note until today as it has been quite busy at work!

    I am also on the downhill slide towards 30 years of retirement and am also looking forward to that time.

    I think if you continue to take classes to improve your knowledge and whatever areas of expertise you work in that would help you to have something to look forward to. I enjoy taking classes for work related subjects as well as for my personal improvement/knowledge. If you cannot go outside your agency to attend classes, maybe ask about bringing in some speakers who can present to your entire group. Ask around and see if anyone knows a person that could do the training presentation and maybe even some of your coworkers would be able to do the presentation.

    I understand how difficult it is right now to try and keep your spirits up about work and the economic hardships we are all having…the good thing that we have jobs with benefits which is something that alot of people do not have right now! I try to remind myself and my husband all the time that even though it is difficult to be positive due to the economy right now, we are very fortunate and much better off than alot of folks (glass half full attitude I guess!)

    I hope this helps – please know that your job is important and that you do make a difference to alot of people and that it will pay off!


  • #60226

    Grant Millin

    This is great.

    First, I’d like to say how refreshing the GovLoop Guide “Innovating at the Point of Citizen Engagement” is. I live in Asheville, NC and the public energy here isn’t well managed. No one wants to be managed, and yet setting up some flows and receptacles for public energy has got to be part of the solution.

    I’m seeing more reports like the above GovLoop example. It’s great that the civic unmet needs are getting a treatment. I think that by showing the ‘way out’ in terms of solutions to poor civic engagement and government solutions, it will give politicians who don’t deserve a role in government more and more rationale to get out of the game.

    I am rolling out the North Carolina Innovation and Opportunity Ecosystem (NC IOE) as a public service of my management consulting firm, InnovoGraph LLC. I have an interdisciplinary studies independent degree in Sustainability and Security Studies and a Master of Entrepreneurship and Master of Project Management degree. I’ve done a government continuity of operations project and was the North Carolina project manager for the 2008 Hydrogen Road Tour. I was in the Navy too.

  • #60224

    Louis Poplin

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Louis Poplin and I am an IT Specialist with the U.S. Probation department in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. I am coming up on my first anniversary with Probation but I actually worked for the Government back in the 1990’s with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Anyway, I don’t know much about this site but I will be exploring it in the next few days. I’m interested in anything that relates to IT security or networking so if there are any users out there with the same interests, please send me a “Hello”. Thanks for having me.


  • #60222

    Ruth A Harper

    My Name is Ruth Harper and I started for the Federal Government when I was in my early 20’s in the 1960’s, when I worked several months for the US Geological Survey in Denver. I then quit because I wanted to work part time because I had just gotten married and were planning on a family. I went back when my daughter was in school because the leave issues were flexible and I could take off whenever I needed to take care of her when she was sick. I got the idea of the government from my mother who had various jobs, mostly with the military. I started out working for the Department of Defense and worked for a little over a year when I searched for a transfer and ultimately got a job at the Department of Veterans Affairs. I really liked my job so I stayed there until I retired in 2004. I worked as an Administrative Support person for all those years. Now I am sort of working for the government as a volunteer through RSVP and Senior Corp. I am assisting seniors in the MSP program and I am also a tutor/mentor for 1st and second graders who have reading problems. I think the government is one of the best decisions I made, because I am on government retirement and I am making more money on my retirement than most of the people here, and I manage to keep my head above water.

  • #60219


    Nnenna here.

    I run an ICT Policy Consultancy based in West Africa. I am a global citizen of African origin. Mostly online. I got here by following a post on Twitter.

  • #60217


    I followed a post on Twitter and I landed here. My name is Nnenna. It is also the name of the ICT Consultancy which I run. I work a lot in Africa but travel all over.

    I was looking towards sharing some of the things I am doing in Social Media and Networks, especially as they pertain to citzen engagement in policy

    Will keep checking on stuff around here to see how they go.

  • #60215


    I’m Allyson Raines and work as a small business specialist at CDC. I have been at CDC for 22 years. Prior to small business work, was a contracting officer and policy advisory in the contracts shop. I grew up in Maryland and enjoy going back to DC area on business. So many changes!

    What I love most about my current job- training CDC project officers and seeing their lightbulbs come on:)

  • #60213

    Thank you for reading my post. Some organizations in industry exercise their ability to be flexible in responding to market conditions which can add some challenge to the job. Industry can also of course come with better pay.

    Government though has the reward associated with being a part of the infrastructure that supports so many but is often not fully understood. I enjoyed working at the Federal Reserve in check processing. No one really knew what I did but they knew that their checks cleared their accounts and their deposits were handled correctly 99%+ of the time. It’s a good feeling knowing we can be a part of that.

    I guess industry is to profit focused and that isn’t what moves me.

  • #60211

    Kanchan Samant

    Hello Everyone,

    I am so excited to be a part of GovLoop Network. I am an experienced IT Solutions Analyst and have worked on several government IT projects especially the citizen-centric. These projects have to be innovative enough to make it sustain and evolve over a period of time and that is what I find the most interesting and challenging part. The audience is so diverse which makes you as a Solutions Architect to some fine research and design most complex yet simple solutions and programs. I look forward to contributing my knowledge and gaining insights from interesting projects in this field. Thanks.


  • #60209

    Trevor Robar

    Hi Everyone,

    I live and work in Rural Canada (Tech Bumpkin). I have always been passionate about my community and how it is governed and that is why I have taken the career path that I have, working for rural local governments or municipalities as we call them in the province of Nova Scotia. My equal passion is in GIS for local government and helping rural municipalities get over technical humps of the expanding world of Geographic Information Systems and IT as it relates to providing services to the community.

    From our work with local governments I have come to understand that administrators and staff truly care what happens to their community, now more then ever. There are so many tough decisions that these special people have to make in order to sustain the quality of life and help their community grow. I love to see communities come together using technology and truly use it for the right reasons. I am passionate about community mapping, open data, buying local, and sharing the democratic experience for the betterment of the community. Personally it is my goal to become a elected official in my community so I can contribute more to the community then I ever received.

    An Entrepreneur of 12 years that is supported by local government organizations that trust our small rural firm in so many important aspects of managing,distributing, and supporting the growth of their geographic information to make real decisions that better their community. So as part of my responsibilities as a citizen and service provider I need to engage and understand what is happening within local government so we can better serve our municipal clients. I hope to take in and be part of many great discussions on ideas that are grassroots and meant to serve the community.

    If you get a chance check out my blogspot @

    See you on govloop!

  • #60207

    LaShondra Williams

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is LaShondra Williams (Shondra), and I learned about this social networking site from a Career Workshop I attended in May 2013, at the California State University Long Beach campus. After learning a little bit about the website, I thought that it would be a great way to network and learn more about government jobs.

    I am currently working as a Student Services Clerk at Santa Monica College; as well as, I am a part-time student at CSULB. I am currently in the process of earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, which will hopefully help me secure a permanent position with a government agency. Prior to my experience at Santa Monica College, I worked for both Lowe’s (Cash Office Clerk) and Home Depot (Cashier and Bookkeeper). However, my long term goal is to secure a long term position within a government agency; where I can utilize my knowledge, skill set, and prior work experience.

  • #60205

    Jonah Roybal

    Hello, my name is Jonah Roybal and I am a student employee in the CIO of the USDA Forest Service. I am originally from Taos, NM, but have lived in the Albuquerque metro area for 10 years. I have served as the Social and Events Chair for YGL Albuquerque Chapter since its inception. I have a BBA from the University of New Mexico and am currently pursuing my MBA from New Mexico Highlands University. I have worked with the Forest Service for almost 3 years and anticipate acquiring a permanent position when I graduate this Fall….hopefully as an IT Specialist in Fort Collins, CO.

  • #60203

    Michelle Podolec

    Hi my name is Michelle Podolec, and I’m an administrative assistant at the Employment and Disability Institute at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. I’m a landscape architect and professional gardener by training, and I graduated from Penn State in 2000, Longwood Gardens in 2006, and I am recieving my master’s in landscape architecture from Cornell in 2013. It may seem like an odd choice of degree considering my career path, but I’m really interested in getting things done effectively and efficiently, and project management ‘for the people’ is at the heart of my degree.

    I’m very interested in community engagement, outreach, and research extension through the utilization of technology and social media. I have been working as a project coordinator/extension aide/project support person since 2006 in various positions. I get really excited about new methods for connecting people with resources and research (especially if the method is cost-effective) and am seeking insight and inspiration.

    I completed working on a grant with the Beginning Farmer’s Project for USDA in August of 2012 before switching to my current position and a whole new and amazing audience – it’s always exciting for me to meet new people and learn more about new fields. I’m looking to learn more about grant management, administration, and research and how I might utilize my project coordination skills more effectively. I’d like to move my career into more management/leadership, and am open to opportunities of all sorts. Upstate NY can be a bit of a tricky place to find employment – a pragmatic outlook on career opportunities seems to be a necessity. I am looking to network and innovate with the inspiring folks of GovLoop!

    I’m especially interested in nerdy tech stuff – like digitizing old databases for public access, data tagging, and legacy document storage. If making musty old ‘schtuff’ publicly accessible is your cup of tea, I look forward to meeting you for a chat!

  • #60201

    Trevor Robar

    Hi Michelle we are working on a few concepts around capturing community information using online mapping tools. User can add a location, upload digital docs, and other community places of interest.

    Check it out

  • #60199

    Michelle Podolec

    Thanks for the link, Trevor! I really liked how each of the points broke out into separate icons. Very cool .

  • #60197

    Trevor Robar

    Yeah its pretty cool stuff. Your welcome to zoom down to your local area and add some locations to see how it works. We are adding the interface to our municipal client systems as a open data concept for their volunteer geographic information efforts (VGI). The goal here is to have a mapping service available online that is open and anyone can add it to their mapping system.

  • #60195

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – check out our free career guides at

  • #60193

    Steve Ressler

    Nice! Love Ft Collins – I have family out there

    Go YGL Albuquerque – I helped co-found YGL – are you going to our annual YGL/Govloop NextGen Training Summit? You should – – it’s going to be awesome

  • #60191

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – great background. Ithaca is beautiful – I was up at Cornell for a conference earlier in the year. You might be interested in some of our research guides including new ones on citizen engagement, big data –

  • #60189

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome! Sounds very cool – you may be interested in some of our Tech guide – they are all free – check ’em out –

  • #60187

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool! Awesome story

  • #60185

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome welcome! You may be interested in our citizen engagement guide – check it out in our guides page –

  • #60183

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – we’ve done a number of GIS guides & infographs – check ’em out (you can get em all from this page) –

  • #60181

    Jonah Roybal

    I was not aware of the summit, but I will definitely take a look. Thanks for sharing the info.

  • #60179

    Trevor Robar

    Great resource, the article on Jack Dangermond got me to this site.

  • #60177

    Jonah Roybal

    The best way to get a job with a federal agency is through programs like HACU and Pathways. I recommend looking at the website Also, look for student positions on

  • #60175

    Steve Ressler

    Hi everyone!

    This is Katie here, an education technology writer with particular experience in the field of education and research. Devoted to seeing students progress and improve learning through new media gadgets. I have also worked with the consortium of educational organizations to foster the development of research based education programs for all grade students. Currently serving myself as a Manager of Academic Quality at

  • #60173

    Teresa Escoto

    I’m Tess and I work in state government, human resources. I also own a media and entertainment firm which provides music and artists for fund raising activities and other venues. This makes me a highly creative problem solver. I often see the solution before I see how to get there — but that’s why I build great teams. I’m always looking for ways to improve as a leader and to improve efficiency.

  • #60171

    Lauren Wingate

    Greetings! I am a Capture/Proposal Manager working out of my home office just north of Atlanta. My company is Interactive Technologies Group, Inc. (ITG), a VOSB based in Alexandria, VA, and our customers are predominantly from the DoD. My family and I made the move to Atlanta a little over 2 years ago-sold our home in Northern Virginia and frankly, never looked back! I worked for a large government contractor for 4.5 years prior to joining ITG, focused in the staff aug. 1102-type support area. I am passionate about networking within the government contracting community, expanding my knowledge base each and every day, and producing the best darn proposals possible 🙂

  • #60169

    Aaron Lemley

    Wow, this looks like a tremendous resource. Can’t wait to devour some of these GovLoop Guides and review the Top Content.



  • #60167

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Aaron!

  • #60165

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Lauren – congrats on moving to Atlanta. Great town

  • #60163

    Steve Ressler

    What a cool background!

  • #60161

    Curtis Ferrell

    Hello! My name is Curt Ferrell. I am the Program Officer/Communications Liaison for the Indiana Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

    I was born on January 20, 1962 in Southwestern Ohio, and grew up in Southwestern Michigan. I have lived and worked in Florida, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

    I have had a multi-disciplined educational foundation with an emphasis on technology and the arts. I have studied at Anderson University, and Ohio Institute of Technology. I was also a student of radio and TV production while at Western Michigan University. In addition, I have studied and worked with several highly respected and award winning professors, thinkers and artists.

    I have a proven 30-year track record for excellence in multiple and diverse fields of employment. In addition, I’m trained in interpersonal relationship dynamics with a demonstrated skill in conflict resolution.

    While in the business sector, I held such positions as General Manager of two Radio Shack stores, Quality Control Manager, Project Supervisor/British Petroleum, Safety/HAZMAT Manager, and Plant Supervisor of a large building graphics company and automotive supplier. In those roles I developed good working relationships with representatives of GM, Cadillac, Honda, and BP. Even after I left the Detroit-based automotive supplier, I was asked to work as a consultant to lead the company in a transition from traditional manufacturing to Just-In-Time production.

    I also spent eighteen years in full-time, paid ministry as an associate pastor in Holland, Michigan and New Castle, Indiana. I am a published writer and songwriter, and recognized domestically and internationally as an effective worship leader. I have been executive producer of several CD recording projects and accompanying songbooks, and have also orchestrated several songs for worship band settings. I have extensive artist relations experience, and am skilled in stage sound and lighting. I am a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and have led training sessions in Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Indonesia.

    Most recently I was a calibration laboratory technician on the northeast side of Indianapolis. My wife and I have two daughters and reside in New Castle, Indiana. Curt and his family have lived in Indiana for 15 years. His interests vary from politics and genealogy, to black-and-white movies and culinary experimentation (which usually produces a messy kitchen but tasty treats).

    Being a student of history and having eighteen years in full-time ministry, I bring a unique perspective on engaging faith-based organizations in partnership with each other as well as with government agencies.

  • #60157

    Lizz A. Proctor

    Hi! My name is LIzz A Proctor and I work for the State of California providing IT support to the Legislature. I’m really looking foward to exploring the resources on GovLoop.

  • #60155

    Leigh Coen

    Leigh Coen, executive consultant and business architect in IBM Global Business Services.

    For three-quarters of my 36-year IBM career I have been working with US federal and other national government clients. Since 1990, I’ve been working with customs, immigration, and border security agencies, including 11 years at USCS/CBP and four years at USCIS. I have also worked at customs authorities in Russian Federation, PRChina, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and Bermuda. My primary expertise is in screening and targeting systems and in modernization best practices. I’m interested in the Analytics group.

  • #60153

    Michael LaRocca

    I was a purchasing manager and technical editor for an Engineering/R&D firm for eight years before moving to China in 1999 and creating Prior to that I was a computer programmer, military electronics specialist, hog farmer and repo man.

    I spent six years teaching English in China, five years as a medical lecturer in Thailand, and one year in Vietnam continuing to grow my business. In those 12 years, I traveled everywhere by bicycle, so returning to North Carolina included remembering how to drive.

    I returned to North Carolina in 2011 with my lovely Australian wife, who I married in October 2000, and the Calico cat we adopted from the Hong Kong SPCA in September 2000. I bring home the best souvenirs.

    I’ve also written 12 published books, mostly novels. My non-fiction works include Teach Yourself Creative Writing and Who Moved My Rice? I can be reached at or

  • #60151

    Steve Ressler

    Hi guys!

    My name is Shantae Howell working as an intern at reboot Illinois, a nonpartisan email and social media firm that works to engage activate the citizens of Illinois in their government. Please check us out online , on twitter , facebook , and feel free to email your email to our outreach manager Madison Bondi at [email protected] to be added to our daily digest.

  • #60149

    Scott Jeffery

    Dear Steve,

    Thank you for approving my membership. I appreciate the activity to get active in the community, and I’ll do my best to share relevant and interesting information.

    Also, my hope is to connect with others who can share actionable information that will help me build on my skills and serve unique needs in government agencies. For multiple clients, as a contractor, I’m tasked with collaboratively creating communications management plans, workflow process maps and templates that we may use to systematize communication and marketing functions.

    Thank you.

  • #60147

    Fulvia Vallini

    Hi, My name is Fulvia Vallini I work in the communication-PR office of the Chamber of Commerce of Varese (near Milan) I discovered “Govloop” at a public administration fair dedicated at the public administration communication (FORUM PA)
    It’s just passed some month and I now understand the big differences between government and communication policies in our countries.
    I am absolutely sure that many of the policies of communication that you are used to use are very useful and I am looking to find and to understand which is the better to try here in my field.
    The “GovLoop” main idea to create a web of people that working togheter to share documents, policies and best practices, to build a common way to follow is the best way to semplify, and make easier ourwork and our life like citizens.

    I follow with great interest your activities on this site and I discovered many interesting new ways to do communication, to use the new channels of social communication. I’m starting to try something new, I hope that the times are now ready for this.

    I hope you will forgive my bad english and many thanks to everybody, GovLoop is a great place!

  • #60145

    Samuel F Doucette

    Welcome! And, your English is good. 🙂

  • #60143

    Mark Gutierrez

    Hi, I am Mark Gutierrez. I am based in St Paul, Minnesota, however I am originally from New Mexico. Even though I didn’t know what snow was growing up, I love it here in MN. I work for USDA RMA, we are the crop insurance arm of USDA. Before this I worked for USDA NASS, the statistical arm of USDA. I have worked in agriculture across the U.S.

  • #60141


    Hello Everybody:

    I just joined this organization this morning after catching just a hint of this in our NM State employees newspaper called Round the Roundhouse. I’ve been a state employee for more than 20 years, mostly as a criminal prosecutor, but I’ve branched into administrative law and policy decision making. I’m fascinated with predictive analytics and believe there is a use for this approach in all state governmental agencies beset with budget cuts and greater service demands. While I am currently not high enough inmy agency’s hierarchy to make radical changes, I believe in starting small and using it as a model for other bigger projects. I see my role as a problem solver and apply my legal skills for that purpose.

    I’ve served as a prosecutor for a local DA for 7 years; worked for a private insurance defense law firm for 1 1/2 years; went back to prosecuting insurance fraud for 8 years, prosecuted securities fraud for 4 years, served as assistant general counsel for a regulatory and licensing agency for 1 1/2 years, and am currently now serving as an administrative prosecutor and criminal prosecutor for NM Worker’s Compensation Administration. I specialize in white collar crime prosecution. With the predictable boom in health care fraud, I am interested in seeing how predictive analytics can respond to this problem. The recent CMS study and report is fascinating and I hope it will be used by our state agencies.

    With this major goals, there are other inclusive goals of how to motivate staff (HR issues); how to utilize resources better, how to find and work with other governmental agencies; etc.

    Thanks for this inspiring organization.

    Phyllis H. Bowman

  • #60139

    Carla Patterson

    Greeting Everyone,

    My name is Carla Patterson and I am a City Government Employee in Baltimore, Maryland. I currently work for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and have been here for 1.5 years. I am in my last year of graduate school, working on a Master’s in Public Administration. I am really excited to network with others and to use the resources that this wondeful site has to offer.

  • #60137

    Marilyn McMillan


    My name is Marilyn McMillan and I work in South Carolina state government as a Training Coordinator. I’m coming up on my 23rd year and began in administrative support. To further my career, I went back to school and got my BA in Administration and my MS in Management, which provided the means to move into my current job as an agency Training Coordinator. Like everyone in today’s government, we are currently undergoing some major restructuring and reorganizing, making my job all the more exciting as we venture towards more creative and nontraditional means of providing training. I love a good challenge, and I’m finding converting classroom training into online courses is a lot fun, especially since it tickles my artistic fancy!

    In my “personal life,” I enjoy reading, writing poetry, painting, and scuba diving. All of these hobbies continue to give me great opportunities to meet some of the most interesting and amazing people. Life is indeed, good!

  • #60135

    Barbara Dauerty


    It’s great to meet you. I am working on an EdD in Organizational Leadership, and enjoy SCUBA, reading, and trying to make a difference in the world we will leave our grandchildren (I only have one, but fear for the future for him and his generation).

    Having retired almost 2 years ago from the US Air Force, I maintain my ties with the organization by volunteering for the Red Cross at the clinic from which I retired. I’m doing front desk work, interacting with people. I like it, but know that, with sequesters, there will not soon be any paid positions for this kind of work. Hence, the topic of my dissertation: the effects of extra duties on retention, job performance, and career progression in USAF medics in my area.

    Looking forward to chatting sometime.



  • #60133

    Lauren Wingate

    Marilyn- Nice to “meet” you! My company has a lot of great training quals. and I am always looking to expand our network. If you would like to chat further, please email me at [email protected] and we can set-up a call at your convenience.

    Thank you for your time.

  • #60131

    Lauren Wingate


    We were just in need of an EdD for a proposal, so would love to speak with you when you have a moment. My email is [email protected]. My company’s roots are in management engineering and training, so I think we would have a lot to talk about.

    Thank you for your time>

  • #60129


    Hi Mr. Ressler. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. It’s a pleasure to meet all of you as well. Thank you for inviting and having me on your website.

    My name is Faith. I would like to get more involved in public service in the DC metro area. I would love to have guidance as to how I could get the opportunity to serve.


    Faith 🙂

  • #60127

    Steve Ressler

    Good luck Faith.

    Check out our careers guides here (scroll to bottom) –

    Also check out our job openings at

  • #60125

    Steve Ressler

    Congrats! Where are you getting your MPA?

  • #60123

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – welcome! We just launched a free guide on how to run successful virtual training – may be of interest –

  • #60121

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome welcome!

  • #60119

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – if you got any great templates, feel free to share ’em

  • #60117

    Steve Ressler

    Sounds like a cool group!

  • #60115

    Esther DeVries

    I work with the Federal Judicial Center, and I think it’s great that GovLoop is available as a way to keep in touch with other government employees and agencies. I can already see that there are a variety of topics that I will be interested in following. I don’t have a specific goal in mind for joining; I’m just interested in exploring the possibilities!


  • #60113

    Dr. Aynur Unal

    Hello All,

    I am the new Dean of Engineering in New Delhi India (Ansal University) to implement new curricula and formats. I have been a strong supporter of telecommuting and telepresence so have identified about 33 students and young faculty to work on related tools. I have been in Palo Alto since 1969 (PhD in 1973, Stanford School of Engineering) and am delighted to help the global knowledge workers training and the transformation of the educational processes.

    I enjoyed very much what is taking place on this platform for digital governance.

    Please come and visit with if in New Delhi, India.

    Kind regards to all,

    Dr. Aynur Unal

  • #60109


    Hello everyone,

    I am a PALACE Acquire intern at Whiteman AFB, Mo, as well as a former enlisted Air Force PA professional. I just trying to connect with different DoD PA professionals to enhance my knowledge of the career field, particularly from the civilian perspective. I am very interested in learning how I can position myself, both professionally and educationally, to succeed in my chosen profession.

    Please keep in touch!!


  • #60107

    Samuel F Doucette


    Nice to meet you through GovLoop! I’m a former Air Force PAQ intern myself (manpower is my career field) but not prior military (unlike you). Prior to coming on board in 1997, pretty much all I knew about the military was through Tom Clancy novels. 🙂 I drank from the firehose and the rest became history.

    While I am not a Public Affairs professional, what I would do is 1) get to know your fellow PAQs no matter the career field but especially within your career field; 2) accept any assignment as a learning opportunity even if you can’t immediately see the point; 3) continue to seek training and education opportunities such as PME where places like Squadron Officer College have slots for PAQs; and 4) pursue a Master’s degree of some kind related to your career field if PA is what you want to keep doing.

    Good luck!

    Sam Doucette

    Hanscom AFB MA

  • #60105


    Thank you for the advice Mr. Doucette. I’m actually doing almost everything you’ve suggested. I’ve been in the PAQ program for a little over a year, so I’m still meeting fellow PA PAQs and some other PAQs and Copper Cap interns also.

    I consider myself a world traveler, so there are only a few places that would make me cringe if my assignment is there, but I will still go and do the very best I can regardless.

    I agree with you – every assignment is a learning experience. I’ve learned that it may not always be a good, but I learned from bad experiences too!

    I actually have my Master’s degree, and now debating when to begin my PhD program. Its a major decision, and I still trying to get things in line before I commit.

  • #60103


    Hello All

    I am currently working for the veteran affairs in Cleveland OH, I started out as a student and was soon hired in as permanent employee.

  • #60101

    Hi Steve,

    My name is Virginia Morales from Castroville, CA. I’ve lived in Monterey County for 35 years. I’m a single parent of two boys. I’m currently taking advantage of online schooling and am working towards obtaining my AS in Information Technology Specializing in Network Administration. I’m also the new Area Director for N2 Publishing. I’m looking foward to starting out this new career and collaborating as well as networking and expanding my business and sharing some of my thoughts and ideas with others just like myself. I really look foward to learning from the people whom actually have our life and the responsibility of dealing with everyday laws and law making. I feel that this is the opportunity to set an example and participate with others and that is why I joined Govloop. I also feel that this will give me a better understanding and appreciation of what my vote means and how much work goes into everything “we the people” elected as our government.

  • #60099

    Marie Hopkins

    Hi, I’ve been working in telecom for many years, in the US Navy, then in thenon-profit sector, and currently in local government. My interests include justifying deployment of 311 and replacing our aging, legacy Nortel voice systems with something else. In addition to managing telecom, I’m the intranet webmaster and I’m always looking for ideas and best practices for sharing employee knowledge. I look forward to meeting other members of GovLoop!


  • #60097

    Edwin L Wriston

    Hello all!… I am Edwin “Bo” Wriston, Director of the Office of Emergency Services (OES) for Wirt County, WV. We are the smallest county population-wise in West Virginia, with just over 5,800 in the entire county, and have the smallest county budget at just over $1.1Million per year.

    I am a former US Navy Combat Photographer, having served 3 overseas tours, including Combat Camera Iraq in 2009. Additionally, I have been involved in the professional photography industry for over 20 years.

    Earlier in life, I was a Federal employee, serving as both a USPS Clerk and then Postmaster in WV, then serving as Postmaster for the US Naval War College in Newport RI for a period of 6 years.

    Much of my time is spent volunteering, including leading the local Wirt County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program, as well as serving as the regional Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional CERT program. I also serve as PIO for the WV Type III Incident Management Team (IMT) for the West Virginia Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (WVDHSEM).

  • #60095

    Carolyn D. Wilson

    Hello All,

    My name is Carolyn Wilson, Customer Service Specialist for FEMA at the TX National Processing Service Center,(TXNPSC). I have been employed with FEMA since July, 2012, however my time from the US Census, and the USDOL advanced my SCD to June 23, 2010.

    I moved to Fort Worth, TX in Nov 2011 and left 2 sons in Georgia. My oldest Iives in Conyers, GA and works 2 jobs. My youngest is a medical student at Medical College of GA in Augusta. Just got back from his White Coat Ceremony.

    My husband was a Veteran, so I am a widow with Veteran’s Status.

    I am really glad to be a part of govloop

  • #60093

    Petina Lovell


    My name is Petina Lovell and I reside in Atlanta Georgia and I am an Accountant at Georgia Department of Transportation. I received my B.S. in Accounting and I am currently and slowly pursuing my masters in Project Management (PMP).

    After working several months in the public sector and 15 years in the private sector, I find the first to be more rewarding and adventurous. I look forward to becoming an Accountant / Project Manager for the US Department of Transportation.

    When I think of Federal, State or Government, I have an overwhelming feeling of commitment, integrity and above all country. I have always wanted serve and help others on a broader scale and now I have that opportunity. And I look forward to sharing my thoughts and work experience with you all.



  • #60091

    Rachael Weatherly

    We are open for business! I’m based in DC at FEMA HQ and I’ve worked for the agency for the past 8 years, doing a little bit of everything for them. I began my career as a Local Hire in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and have been on this roller coaster ever since.

    Originally from Philadelphia, I never envisioned a career in government, in fact I was pursuing a PhD in Psychology when the storm hit, but I’ve never looked back and don’t plan on leaving FEMA for the foreseeable future. While I certainly get frustrated by red tape, bureaucracy and politics, I seek out opportunities and platforms like this one to improve those things and work smarter.

    I look forward to exploring this site, meeting new folks and learning from my peers.

  • #60089

    Carolyn D. Wilson

    Hi Petina,

    I moved from Conyers, GA in 2011 to Texas. Sure is hot here. Enjoyed reading your intro.

    Carolyn Wilson

  • #60087


    Ian Lewis, recently graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with B.S. Criminal Justice. Currently looking for entry level government jobs in police, and my main goal is to work for the FBI, NSA, CIA security.

  • #60085

    Maddie Grant

    Hi there, I’m Maddie Grant. I’m a digital strategist at ICF Interactive ( and currently do social media strategy work for several agencies. My background is in association social media – I’m also lead editor for, which provides social media strategy resources for associations and nonprofits. I’m new to federal work (though ICF is not) and figured GovLoop would be a great place to meet others doing similar stuff.

  • #60083

    Petina Lovell

    Hi Carolyn,

    We have similar stories.I lived in Conyers for 2yrs and moved to Texas for several months in 2011 and back to Georgia. You are right, it’s extremely there. What part of Texas are you in?

  • #60081

    Petina Lovell

    Hi Maddie,

    Welcome to Govloop.

  • #60079

    Steve Ressler

    Very cool – if you haven’t already check out our free career guides as

  • #60077

    Pete Peterson

    Hey All,

    I’m Pete Peterson (seriously.), and I head up the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement here at Pepperdine’s School of Public Policy, which means I have an ocean-view office (also, seriously). I am also running for Secretary of State of California.

    While I do teach a class here, most of my work is outside the classroom engaged in one of 3 program areas:

    1. Training: We offer training to local gov’t officials in how to improve the public processes and use technology to engage their publics.

    2. Grantmaking: We have an annual “Public Engagement Grant Program” that has provided over $350K over the last 5 years in support to municipalities in order to lead better public processes (ie, hire facilitators, do better outreach, build participation web platforms).

    3. Consulting: We also consult on public processes, and have been contracted by municipalities to lead town-hall forums. We also have an extensive “rolodex” of consultants that we refer in to opportunities.

    Very much enjoy my work, and see governance at a unique historical moment where the relationship between our governing institutions and citizenry is fundamentally changing.

  • #60075

    Jen Clement

    I am Jen Clement, based in South Florida, and helping companies increase their share of government spending. In addition, I help the government find better suppliers to meet their needs, all through access of a database of government contracts.

    I provide line-by-line real examples of government contracts in any industry, on any product, so companies can learn where their weakness is, and how to improve in their industry, by learning spending trends.

    The best way to predict the future is to learn from the past.

  • #60073

    Carlos Varona

    Hi Steve/, I learned about this site from my Supervisor and just think its golden! I look forward to active dialogue in hopes of attaining more knowledge of issues spanning government service. My name is Carlos Varona, and I am a Management Analyst/Deputy Installation Business Manager (GS-12) at Naval Station Rota, Spain. I’m a U.S. Navy Retiree (30 years) and have been working with civil service for 6 years.

    Being overseas has been a wonderful experience but sacrificial for those interested in working their way up the ladder; primarily due to being disassociated from the core network of government service. Networking is restricted to within the fenceline and as such, there is much we overseas veterans lose out on.

    I look forward to learning as much as possible during these upcoming months in hopes that I can broaden my opportunities for the future.

    Thanks and Cheers,


  • #60071

    Michael Yoell

    I am Mike Yoell, the qualified manager for Core Security Solutions and Michael Glenn Investigations. We are located in Oakland Calif. (Bay Area) and provide a wide variety of armed and unarmed security services and investigations. We are excited to be a part of GovLoop!

  • #60069

    Randall Brown, MPA


    I’m glad to be a part of GovLoop and connect with the government community. I am based in Washington, DC where I hope to make an impact on the nation’s health via my public service, and connect with other individuals who are working together to make America stronger. I am actively seeking career opportunities here and welcome any leads from the GovLoop community. Many thanks, and I look forward to sharing with you all!

  • #60067

    James Bennett

    I am a recovering journalist who found a great skill match as a Visual Communication Analyst at the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Thanks for setting up this site. I’m always anxious to hear about the work other Feds are doing.

  • #60065

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Carlos. Very cool.

    Make sure to check out our various online trainings that may be relevant –

  • #60063

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Mike!

  • #60061

    Steve Ressler

    Thanks James. May want to check out our free trainings – – as well as some of our resources and guides –

  • #60059

    Steve Orth

    Thanks Steve for approving my membership. My name is Steve Orth and I’m based near Minneapolis, MN and work for a company called NetApp. My vertical is state and local government and education (SLED).

    I’ve been doing this for almost 4 years now and am interested in better understanding the challenges and areas of interest of government workers. I focus on government in Minnesota and Iowa.

  • #60057

    Mark Ingram Landers

    Hope you are having a good day as you read this. My name is Mark Landers, now employed as a contract employee with a working title of Compensation Project Manager for the Texas Department of Transportation. I come from a strong Big Blue background in Human Resources and have operated my own HR consulting practice primarily for non-profits, foundations and small business in all areas of HR. Outside of this employment my wife, daughter and I run a couple of home-based businesses which have just expanded to include a small warehouse for our products. Enjoy reading the information that has been offered on this site so far and typically find interesting topics each day.

  • #60055

    Julie Guegan

    Dear Govloop members,

    I had the fantastic opportunity to have a conversation with Steve at the European Commission (but he was enjoying Florida’s sunshine while I was suffering from Brussel’s cold weather…) using web conference facilities. Talking with Steve gave me great ideas to continue the good work we do today in our Institution to transform the culture thanks to the digital technologies that finally make the shift possible.

    With a group of colleagues, we would like to make some contributions to your knowledge network because we believe that exchange of practices are always rewarding to all parties involved. And I’m sure that our challenges are quite similar in the end, regardless of which side of the Atlantic we are on 🙂

    You will hear from us soon !


  • #60053

    Steve Ressler

    Yeah! Was a blast. Looking forward to reading your blogs and insight.

    If already have a blog, here’s an easy way to cross-post it.

    If you don’t, I’d love to just hear your insights (blog/add blog post)

  • #60051

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Mark!

  • #60049

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Steve NetApp is a great company and Minnneapolis is an awesome town (outside the winter 🙂

  • #60047

    John weiler

    Hi fellow GovLoop members. I one of the most ardent IT Reformers in the public sector, having dedicated myself to this one challenge since 2000 when I was asked to head up the Interop. Clearinghouse ( by the Pentagon’s Defense Reform Office and the DOD CIO. Much has been accomplished in creating a conflict free conduit to commercial innovations, best practices and lessons learned. In 2008, under the leadership of Honorable Mike Wynne, AFSEC retired, I helped launch the IT Acquisition Advisory Council ( in partnership with some two dozen like minded think tanks, standards bodies and IT communities of practice. The intent was to provide a counter balance to the Defense Industrial Base suppliers and FFRDCs who control 95% of all major IT programs. Armed with Agile Acquisition Frameworks, Cloud Design Patterns and supporting legislation like FITARA, we are hoping to overcome a two decade struggle with sustainable IT Acquisition Reforms. Clearly, with DOD showing almost no successful IT programs since 2000, and the failure of, it might be the perfect storm to usher in new thinking and alternative approached proven to deliver measurable business value to the public sector. Since standing up IT-AAC, we have conducted some 50 Leadership Roundtables, 200 interviews, decomposed over 40 studies and completed root cause analysis of 30 of the largest IT program failures. This has revealed three common failure patterns; 1) Mis-application of an antiquated waterfall acquisition framework developed for weapon systems by our FFRDCs. 2) Mis-use of FFRDC resources to manage the acquisition strategy and engineering, 3) failure to favor an 80% COTS interoperability suite over design-to-spec solution.

    Examples include FBI Sentinel, DHS SBInet, NGA GEOSCOUT, NRO FIA, DISA NECC, HHS, DoD/VA iEHR, IRS Modernization system to name a few. When looking at this evidence, Vivek Kundra called out the federal “IT Cartel” as did JCS General Hoss Cartwright. A recent Defense Science Board report on Defense IT forecasts a national security threat if not addressed soon, leading to the signing of the 2010 NDAA Section 804 directing DoD to hault its use of the DOD5000 for IT systems. Unfortunately, the implementation was given to the same company who develops and maintains these processes; Mitre.

  • #60045

    Davis Bourland

    Good morning, GovLoop!

    Thanks to a combination of timing and goodwill, I stumbled into a position in municipal government 2+ years ago. After completing a graduate degree at Wake Forest University, I joined the City of Winston-Salem as an intern in the office of Sustainability. Then in March of this year, I was hired to handle capital and budget planning for Property & Facilities Management. A secondary function of my role is special projects, as I am currently leading an enterprise installation of automated vehicle locators in the city’s fleet vehicles. My friends like to say that the great value in earning an MA in Comm is the ability to argue your way into a budget job; I try to remind them I’m also competent 😉

    In service of professional dev, I’m taking credit accounting courses to work toward passing the CPA exam and recently completed a year-long leadership fellowship. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! I intend to be active on GovLoop and I look forward to hearing about your work. Cheers,


  • #60043

    Chad Cravens

    Hello GovLoop!

    My name is Chad Cravens. I live in Charleston, South Carolina and I have recently started a company called Open Source Systems ( Essentially, I’m working to help government leverage the power of open source libraries, products and systems to enhance the software development lifecycle and software security of the United States Federal Government. I have a passion for software and have worked in information security and software engineering my entire professional life 🙂

    I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. After that I entered government services as a civilian federal employee with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR). I left government service to support several different roles as a defense contractor.

    I’m hoping to network with other people that share the same passion and vision to help the government streamline how software is created and managed. Please feel free to contact me directly or reach me via LinkedIn (

    Chad Cravens

    (843) 291-8340

    [email protected]

  • #60041

    Martha Dunlap

    Hi! My name is Martha Dunlap and I recently joined Triumph Enterprises after knowing the company for about 5 years. Being a southerner, customer service, trust and respect are part of who I am and who I want to work for. I know that Triumph is based on the same fundamental principles.Triumph provides Federal Agencies with the best professional services, primarily program management, training & exercise support, cyber operations and risk management, and data management and analytical support.

  • #60039

    Ian Lucas

    Hi Marie: Your introduction shouted out to me for 2 reasons!:

    1. I have an interest in a software company that provides voicemail forwarding software for legacy Nortel phone systems. There are many, many still-working Nortel systems with Users who need this capability for their BCM and CallPilot systems. We’ve been servicing this dwindling legacy market for several years. If you are interested please check out
    2. I am also a partner in a cloud-based software company that focuses on Customer Service functions to enable Public Service Providers to connect with their constituents. Again, if we can help, see Public Service Request Inc.

    Thank you Marie. Best of luck with your career.

    Ian Lucas.

  • #60037

    Ian Lucas

    Hi Carolyn: I’m pursuing lines of communication with FEMA service centers. My company provides Customer Service software services that facilitate practical connections between the Public and Public Service Providers across North America. We want to make sure that our system can also be seamlessly used to connect with FEMA, report problems, request support and make suggestions during times of major stress. Can you suggest someone at the TXNPSC whom I can contact to discuss? Thank you Carolyn.

    Best regards,

    Ian Lucas.

  • #60035

    Ian Lucas

    https://publicservicerequest.comMy CompanyHi Rachael: I’m pursuing lines of communication with FEMA service centers. My company provides Customer Service software services that facilitate practical connections between the Public and Public Service Providers across North America. We want to make sure that our system can also be seamlessly used to connect with FEMA, report problems, request support and make suggestions during times of major stress. Can you suggest someone at the TXNPSC whom I can contact to discuss? Thank you Carolyn. Best regards, Ian Lucas.

  • #60033

    Carolyn D. Wilson


    Not sure who you should speak. I will forward to my supervisor and she will make sure your info gets to the right party.

    Best of Luck,


  • #60031

    Ian Lucas

    Thank you very Carolyn: I appreciate your help. Happy Th

  • #60029

    Miranda Ow

    Hi, everyone,

    I work for the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation as a Senior Management Analyst, and am involved in the budget/grants administration/administrative support, etc. Currently involved with helping the engineers bring in $23 million/year light rail related reimbursements for design review of Metro and Expo Authority transit projects, including the various rainbow colored lines: Metro Gold Line Extension, Green Line, Blue Line, Purple Line, Orange Line, Red Line, etc., ultimately transforming the City into an interconnected transportation network. Here are our department’s program descriptions (draft format at present):

    Franchise and Taxicab Regulation

    This program issues franchises and permits, and establishes and enforces rates and adequate service levels for public transportation companies. Franchises are also issued for public utility and gas lines servicing the City. The necessary engineering, economic, and analytical studies to determine appropriate rates and services are performed under this program.

    Planning and Land Use

    This program develops long-range transportation plans as part of community plans and specific plans that are used as a blue-print to implement transportation projects and programs that are consistent with policy objectives. The program also provides development review services including (1) the case processing of traffic studies as part of a CEQA clearance purpose to identify project-related traffic impacts and recommend appropriate mitigation solutions for proposed development projects, (2) the issuance of B-permit sign-offs, driveway permits, building permit sign-offs and condition clearances for proposed development projects and (3) the collection and administration of developer trip fees in specific plan areas to implement transportation improvements.

    Parking Facilities, Meters and Operations (includes Meter Investigations)

    This program oversees the operation and maintenance of City-owned infrastructure assets, manage parking permits, oversight and maintenance of parking facilities and parking meters, assists in the development process of various mixed use projects relative to City-owned parking lots in coordination with CLA and other City and governmental agencies and private developers. This program also oversees meter security, which includes parking meter coin collection and coin counting for approximately 38,000 parking meters in 74 parking meter zones with 177 sub-zones and 97 metered parking lots.

    Parking Enforcement, Traffic Control, and Adjudication (includes crossing guards)

    This program also provides Traffic Control services during peak periods at heavily congested intersections, emergencies, crime scenes, and infrastructure failures with sister agencies (LAPD, LAFD, and other city agencies), issues citations for violations of state and city parking laws, hires and deploys part time traffic officers, establishes demand based parking system, operates on-street parking meters and pay stations covering meter spaces, replaces metered spaces to accept credit cards, operate sparking facilities (surface parking lots and parking structures, issue parking permits, issues permits for taxicabs, inspects taxis for safety compliance, issues permits for non-emergency ambulances, and investigates meters. This program also provides Crossing Guard services to elementary schools that meet staffing warrants.

    This program operates and maintains traffic control devices that include signals and signal components as well as regulatory, warning, guide, and street name signs. The program also constructs, installs, maintains, and removes (when warranted) all varieties of traffic control devices, including parking meters and traffic markings on streets and curbs. The program also removes and/or reapplies paint or plasticized traffic markings on streets and curbs.

    This program provides objective, fair, impartial, efficient, and customer-oriented service during all aspects of the scheduling, hearing, and adjudication of contested parking violations and vehicle impoundments.

    General Administration and Support

    This program provides administration, support functions to all operating groups at LADOT, processing accounting documents for accounts payables and receivables, collecting citation revenues, adjudicate parking citations, producing discovery documents for claims, respond to requests for public records, complete employee accident investigations and internal audits, determines special funds eligibility, risk management, auditing, and other related administrative functions.

    This audit and investigations program provides proactive and aggressive audits of transportation and parking facilities. This program also provides risk management comprised of risk management, workplace safety, traffic records and audit and investigation.

    The risk management and auditing program reduces third party and worker’s compensation injury/liability claims and their resulting costs, while administering internal controls to protect the department’s assets and eliminate waste. The division also provides professional and timely responses to all public records request for available transportation documents.

    Transit Services

    LADOT is the second largest transit operator in Los Angeles County, providing service to the entire City of Los Angeles (470 miles) as well as neighboring cities and counties. LADOT’s fleet of over 350 buses carries 25 million passengers per year. These transit services compliment the bus service of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) and other municipal operators in LA County to form an integrated region-wide transportation network.

    LADOT operates Commuter Express, Downtown DASH, Community DASH, Cityride and Charter Bus transit services that improve mobility and air quality across the City. Funding for the service are provided by the City’s Proposition A fund, regional transportation funds as well as federal capital funds.

    Emergency Management and Special Events (Aram and special event overtime)

    This program provides emergency management and traffic control for special events.

    Bicycles, Pedestrians, and Highways (Transit Capital Programming, Project Delivery and Transportation Grant Fund)

    This program ensures the safe delivery of transportation projects sponsored by LADOT, other public agencies and the private sector in an expeditious and cost effective manner, identifying current and future traffic and transportation needs and developing and implementing programs to meet those needs. It plans and coordinates transportation and related facilities such as highways, bikeways (bikepaths, bike lanes and sharrows), pedestrian ways, transit priority, fixed guide ways, pedestrian projects, parking lots, and other collector-distributor systems. This program also provides new or updated signal synchronization projects with signalized intersections, approves B-permits for building permit applications for development, reviews and approves public infrastructure project plans, environmental documents for major developers, traffic studies for proposed developments, secures new transportation funding and safe routes maps for students and parents, and improves signage and pavement markings for schools.

    Streets, Signs, Geometric Design and Pavement Preservation

    The streets, signs and geometric design program investigates and analyzes street traffic conditions to determine the need for traffic control measures; reviews street improvement plans to determine the need for traffic control devices; prepares plans, specifications and estimates for installation of traffic signal systems and channelization; prepares planning and research studies to look at existing and proposed traffic control measures and methodologies conducts surveys, field investigations, and congested area studies to re- route private and public transportation vehicles, sets up terminal facilities for bus lines, build bikeway projects, create one-way streets, and establishes or enlarges major street or freeway systems.

    This program also responds to requests or complaints from the Mayor, City Council, and citizens to install, modify, replace, or remove traffic control devices, including traffic zones, time limit parking, parking prohibitions, crosswalks, street signs, traffic signals, signal timing, and safety lighting; prepares design drawings of signal hardware, lane striping, raised traffic islands, curb setbacks, and realignment of roadways; determines the type of investigation to be made, the data necessary to recommend a solution, the procedures used in gathering data; monitors the progress of traffic feasibility studies; reviews reports and statistical data for traffic and pedestrian control devices; insures that department guidelines and standards are met; reviews street improvement plans to determine the need for traffic signals and warning, guide and regulatory signs; analyzes statistical studies and accident information and makes field observations, when necessary, to evaluate data; discusses transportation problems and proposed solutions with supervisors, employee in other City departments, contractors, other governmental agencies, and civic groups; assists in developing, applying and evaluating advanced mathematical and computer techniques to investigate transportation engineering problems; may assign projects to, or supervise, other employees engaged in this work; may select, orient, assign, train, counsel, evaluate, and discipline employees using job-relates criteria.

    The pavement preservation program maintains the City’s 6,500 mile street network and constructs up to 800 miles of streets for pavement preservation, consisting of approximately 245 miles of resurfacing (mill, grind, and repave with asphalt over roadways), 455 of slurry seal (application of an emulsified rubber asphalt material to the street surface to extend its useful life up to 7 years), and 100 miles of crack sealing (filling or sealing pavement cracks with asphalt to prevent water from entering the base and sub-base to extend pavement life and slow deterioration), pothole/small asphalt repairs fixed with cold or hot-patch materials, including sign installation. Transportation engineers prepare the street-striping plan. Transportation field crews provide temporary markers after the old asphalt has been removed, apply temporary markers again once the street has been resurfaced, install permanent striping with messages after the street has cured sufficiently, and reconfigure loop detectors used to provide better signal timing to benefit the facility of public transit vehicles through the city’s streets.

    Traffic Signals, Design, Construction, ATSAC and ATCS (Verej, Bill, Ed)

    This program designs, constructs, operates and maintains the City’s real-time traffic signal systems seven-days-a-week, and continuously improves upon existing signal systems through design, construction, research and development.

    This program ensures that day-to-day operations of the City’s transportation network are safe and efficient by providing responses to constituent requests for services, developing and implementing traffic control plans for major incidents, emergencies, and special events by retiming traffic signals, installing temporary traffic signs, repairing or installing new traffic signals, both for traffic and pedestrians, installing miles of bike lanes, sharrows, painting miles of red curb markings, installing miles of lane markings, completing speed zone surveys to establish revised speed limits for miles of streets.

    Metro and Expo Authority Work Program (New-Judy Wong, etc.)

    Design and CM Support for the extension of Expo and the Metro Rail system to expand to 80 stations and over 87 miles of rail to destinations across LA County with 10 new stations serving USC, Expo Park, Culver City, Crenshaw District, and downtown LA. Expo Phase 1 connects Westside by rail to downtown LA, Hollywood, South Bay, Long Beach, Pasadena. The Expo Phase 2 project involves Phase II of the Exposition Transit Corridor Project, which will extend westward from the Venice/Robertson Station along the old Pacific Electric Exposition right-of-way to 4th Street and Colorado Boulevard in downtown Santa Monica.

    District Office Services (Traffic Control Planning and Neighborhood Traffic Management-Zaki, Brian G.)

    This program manages District Offices that are responsible for maintenance and investigations of existing traffic control devise and traffic operations, authorizing the installation of traffic signals, signal timing issues, stop signs, curb zones and curb s, regulatory, guide and warning signs, crosswalks, pavement markings and parking regulations. District Office staff attend meetings with other governmental agencies and participate in review of construction plans for detours and lane closures, attend public meetings involving Council Offices, homeowner organizations, school staff, developers and Chambers of Commerce to discuss traffic congestion and traffic safety on local streets and highways. The program also prepares studies for new traffic signals for safe travel by pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles.

    Technology and Innovation (Mike S., Richard H.)

    This program provides department-wide technology support for automated information systems, desktop computer equipment, departmental servers and data communications. This program will also perform implementation of information systems (project management, records management, and other systems).

    Communications Office (Bruce/Patricia)

    This program provides media relations, community outreach and internal information programs, as well as manages overall communications with internal and external stakeholders to augment its community engagement. Engages with business organizations and community groups to improve LADOT’s communications with the public, external partners, elected officials, members of the Board of Transportation Commissioners and the Board of Taxicab Commissioners, and directs staff to provide information, strengthens communications and develops interagency coordination and community relationships with the public at civic and non-civic functions, meetings with neighborhood councils, provides media relations, community outreach and internal information programs. Directs branding efforts in all publicly visible products and services to include DASH, Commuter Express and Cityride transit services; 10 agency internet sites; numerous printed publications and brochures; videos and public service announcements.

    I graduated from Stanford over 3 decades ago, subsequently graduating with a Master’s degree from what is now known as the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

    Nice to meet you all.

  • #60027

    Ashley Lawson

    Hello All,

    My name is Ashley. I am a project specialist here at the Food and Drug Administration. I enjoy what I do and am very excited to be apart of this network.

  • #60025

    Steve Ressler

    Welcome Davis! Very cool.

    Check out our annual training event for gen x/y government leaders. I think you’d dig it – it’s coming up in July (it’s a paid training but we also have a variety of speaker contests, etc if can’t come up with budget)

  • #60023

    Steve Ressler


  • #60021

    Steve Ressler

    Hey Ashley – thanks for joining!

  • #60019

    Gianpaolo Baglione

    Hi everyone!

    Second generation Government idealist here… although I decided early on I could do a better job helping from the Private sector side (too many rules on the other side of the table for my liking). I’ve been working with Fed for my entire career, and one of the highlights was when I spent quite a few years on-site with IRS doing day to day IT project management. Right now I sell cloud PaaS software to the Federal government– but I’ll try to keep the #shamelessselfpromotion to a minimum. I hope I can contribute to the community in discussions about Agile, Cloud, Security, and general Project Management.

    I live in the DC Metro region, have 4 kids and 2 dogs, and for fun I enjoy rapidly putting one foot in front of the other.

  • #60017

    Levy Sun

    Hello everyone!

    Please feel free to contact me. My white board is always open for strategic collaboration between agencies.

    Currently, I’m a public information officer working in a vector control agency that covers Los Angeles county. Being a special district, it’s always a fun time describing that we don’t fit exactly into local or state government. But our goals as a public health agency are very similar to many other community-centric organizations.

    My passion in public relations/affairs in government stems from my need to help other people. My time working in the non-profit world and also volunteering for small non-profits on the side helped solidify my decision to go into this line of work. I’m happy to say — I’m happy to be here!

    Okay, enough about me. Let’s connect!


  • #60015

    Randolph Graham

    Hello Steve, It’s nice to meet you. Randolph Graham, I’m a new member of Gov Delivery sales team. My role is to cover the south east region for state & local government. It’s an exciting time to be a part of Gov Delivery sales team and looking forward to big things in 2014!

  • #60013

    Jeremias Alvarez

    Hi All,

    I am a new member and excited to be a part of this community. I am originally from Texas and moved to DC in 2003 after graduate school at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT Austin. I began my federal career as a Presidential Managment Fellow (PMF) at the Farm Credit Administration (FCA) and then at HHS. I spent 5+ years doing policy and program analysis work and then came over to IBM to do public sector consulting. After almost two years at IBM, I moved over to the Public Sector Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). I am now a Director in the practice and have been here for over five years, and love it! I mostly support DHS clients, including FEMA both at HQ and at the regions during disasters.

    I look forward to connecting with everyone!


  • #60011

    Louis Walling

    Good Morning everyone,

    I’m Louis Walling with the Department of Labor, OSHA, that’s right OSHA! Or as the guy who’s business I just walked into says it Oh Sh%&$! In the Kansas City MO Office. Been here for a year now after retiring from the Army (26 years) and really loving it. I’m a compliance officer for the western 2/3rds of Missouri one of many that is. We keep an eye on America’s workers trying to ensure that the go home each night to there families alive and healthy. This proves to be a bigger job then one might think. Some worker actually like the thrill and danger of their jobs. What?? But being Army I can understand that to a point. That point being why? So everyone helps us out and be safe every day.

    This is a good idea and hope it will help everyone out. Staying connected is a great way to move ahead and stay informed. Thank you for getting this going.


  • #60009

    Sean Anderson

    Hello All,

    My name is Sean Anderson and I have been with the National Park Service for 5 years starting as an intern. Once I graduated college with a Bachelors in Computer Science I got a full time job with the NPS through the SCEP program which is now the Pathways program. I am currently based in Sandy Springs GA at Chattahoochee River National Recreation where I act as the local IT Specialist and maintain the local network. I’m trying to make my way forward into bigger and better opportunities working with more complex technologies. If anyone knows of any opportunities give me a shout!

    Thank you

  • #60007

    Ian Lucas

    Hello Sean: One opportunity might exist within the NPS system. I see from the Chattahoochee website that it’s not easy to report problems, requests, or suggestions for specific locations within the Park(s). With ramped-up Public expectations around the use of their mobile technologies, it would seem to be a ripe opportunity to propose such a system. And, of course, we have just such a solution with configurable web widgets per web page, and scalable across any number of Parks, it’s quite straightforward to implement. It would add a much-needed layer of Customer Service and enable 2-way communications between each Park’s stewards and their Public Customers. It would also provide geo-statistics on problem areas. And, importantly it could raise your profile and responsibilities.

    Please let me know if you like the idea, and if I can be of further assistance.

    Thank you.

  • #60005

    Frank Butstraen

    Hello everyone. I am Frank Butstraen (see linked in for my personal profile) a citizen from Antwerp (Belgium , Europe) active as the Director of a Public Private Collaboration between the Regional Walloon government and private companies like IBM, Cisco, Mobistar, etc with the mission to promote “Urban Intelligence” across the cities and municipalities of Wallonia.

    The name of the organisation is FuturoCité and is located in Mons ( website

    The reason I wanted to be a member of GovLoop is to learn from the US community on all initiatives that might inspire me on the subject of Smarter Cities and who knows … inject ideas from Europe.

    I look forward to a lot of productive and enjoyable exchanges.

  • #60003

    Lizz A. Proctor

    I have since transfer from IT to HR.

  • #60001

    Richard E Furlong

    Hi Steve, I am a Canada/U.S. government client providing digital data services in the social media and marketing field.

    Our company NGMS ( is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    I am a humble 20yr veteran in this industry, and I just want to say how much I respect and appreciate the work that you and GovLoop does every day/week/year for us all.


    Richard E. Furlong, CEO/Founder

  • #59999

    Richard E Furlong

    ..or borders, I agree Julie!

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