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    Ruby Gatling

    Hello to all:

    My name is Ruby Gatling and I am a Injury Prevention Specialist (health educator) with the State health department, Hampton District in the state of Virginia. I have been on my job for many years (27 years ) and I am looking forward to “retiring,” which really means that I will continue working until I am gone, but working on my own terms and in my own way (smile).

    I am very active in the job I do and I am so grateful to be a health educator and I try to motivate people to become healthy or healthier by changing their lifestyles and their habits, and hopefully give them some of the wisdom I have obtained over the years. I love children and definitely strive to enrich their lives with my wisdom. I have two grown children ( a son and daughter) my daughter has three children, my son has none at this point in his life, but he is engaged. I am active in my church as a Senior Usher and I teach each year in the Vacation Bible School program. I own my own business called Ruby RED Entertainment which encompasses a lot of things I do and I am in another business with two of my closest and dearest girlfriends. We are just getting started on this venture and are very excited about what we plan to do to give back to our community.

    I was introduced to your group by way of an email believe it or not and felt it was a very good group and one I wanted to be a part of. I truly appreciate being accepted and I will do my best to be a productive member. I love people and I volunteer alot. I believe to a couple of organizations who do charity work and I like to be involved in things that will motivate people, get them involved in worthwhile causes and hopefully make a difference in the community and city of which I live. I beleive that everyone should do some type of volunteering at one time or another. It does not pay money but it pays off in the long run because it gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are giving back to your society and your fellowman. I believe we all are our “brother’s keeper.”

    I look forward to the discussions we are going to have on this blog and I definitely will contribute my thoughts to your discussions. Again, I thank you all and look forward to a very rewarding and interesting membership.

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