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    Rawle Gaskin

    Hi All,

    My name is Rawle Gaskin LSW. I am currently located in New Jersey and I am a Readjustment Couselor. I work at the Lakewood Vet Center where other staff like me help Combat Veterans and their family readjust back to civilian life, especially returning home from any war zone. This is not only limited to our current veterans but we work with combat veterans as far back as WWII. We help them or partner up with people in the Civilian community that that can help them with resources that they might need to help them and their family have a smooth transition back to civilian life. The Loop in it self will be a positive resource that can assist me with more info and contacts to help our veterans. I was a Air Force medic and was deployed to Germany in 2003 when the war first started to help our wounded service men and women return home safely to the US.

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