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    Nichole Henley

    So the age old HR dilemma continues here at my agency— invite us to the table!! We are here to help YOU!

    So often I am only called in to clean up. I take pleasure in knowing that you turn to me when things go sour and you KNOW that I can help. But I’d take even MORE pleasure knowing that you turn to me before you act just to make sure that your actions are well thought out and HR approved.

    For instance, hiring. So I work with you to identify your recruitment method, review/classify your position description, develop your KSAs and qualification statements, input the Request for Personnel Action, print your cert and resumes, and then I’m called in when you have a problem with the person you select won’t receive the high salary you want to give them.

    What happened in between?? Did you interview??? How did you narrow your selections? I don’t even want to address the pay issue until I understand that you have taken the proper steps to find the best qualified candidate. That’s my job.

    So often I am called to the table late. It’s frustrating, but it’s a barrier I must work to break down. Sure, I’m a two man team in an office that typically houses five but that doesn’t mean you can avoid the hard conversations and bypass HR.

    Needed to vent a bit here. Any other HR specialists feel my pain?

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