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    Bob Woolley

    I recently completed a draft on 20 use cases concerning the use of the iPad in a government setting. The iPad seems to show a lot of promise in a Cloud setting. This is a draft report and comments, suggestions and questions would be appreciated.

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    Stephen Peteritas

    Well I don’t have an ipad so I can really comment but here’s an article that says Mayor Bloomberg uses it to help out with gov efficiency: http://www.mikebloomberg.com/index.cfm?objectid=FEB3D1E4-C29C-7CA2-F307C2AFEC323619

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    Martha Garvey

    NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg is toting his around and using it for speeches. I don’t know what that means for the rest of the city, but…pretty high profile. (Also does not hurt that his primary business is a media and information company.)


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    Suzy Christophersen

    Thanks for putting this together!

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    Martha Garvey

    Does the iPad (software, hardware, display) work for people with disabilities? Where would we find the discussion?

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    Mark L Tessmer

    I read you iPad use case report and found it very helpful. I’ve had an iPad since it’s introduction and it’s worked very well with the systems at work, all are web based. I still use my desktop at work but it’s come in very handy when I travel for work and at home.

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    Lauren Moore

    Not sure if you’ve already found some info. Looks like there are some features that would help, although I have no experience with them. Here’s an excerpt from the iPad manual:

    Universal access features make iPad easy to use for people who have a vision impairment, are deaf or hard of hearing, or have a physical or learning disability. The accessibility features on iPad include:
    Support for playback of closed-captioned content
    VoiceOver screen reader
    Full-screen zoom magnification
    White on Black
    Mono Audio
    Zoom, White on Black, and Mono Audio work with all applications. VoiceOver works with the built-in iPad applications, and some third-party applications you can download from the App Store. Closed-captioning works with movies and podcasts that include it.

    For more information about the iPad accessibility features, go to http://www.apple.com/accessibility.

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    Congrats, Bob – I just saw that you (and this discussion) were featured in Government Computer News: http://gcn.com/Articles/2010/10/06/SL-iPad-catching-on-in-states-an

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    Ron Pringle

    Great report Bob! I’ve been testing an iPad in our City environment over the past few weeks and have to say I’ve been impressed with its capabilities so far. Your report will save me time when I report out!

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