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    John Moore

    I am finishing round 2 of my Senate Twitter experiment and the results are not much different than round 1. In the first week of February I reached out to the following Senate accounts (US, Canada, Australia) and asked one simple question:

    “What are your thoughts on open government and how can social media tools benefit your citizens?”

    Only one user responded via Twitter, Mathias Cormann (@MathiasCorman), a Senator for Western Australia. All others failed to acknowledge the question. So, before I share the list the question is this….. Should politicians that have social media accounts, especially those on Twitter, be prepared to engage in conversation?

    Here is the list

    • @SenElaineMcCoy
    • @TurnbullMalcolm
    • @GuyBarnett
    • @MathiasCormann
    • @ColinCarrie
    • @mpjamesmoore
    • @JudyFoote
    • @ShawnMurphyMP
    • @ScottBrownMA
    • @senatorvitter
    • @johnthune
    • @senbobcorker
    • @RichardShelby
    • @lisamurkowski
    • @OrrinHatch
    • @burrforsenate
    • @CherilynEagar
    • @rogerwicker
    • @George_LeMieux
    • @ChuckGrassley
    • @JohnEnsign
    • @JimDeMint
    • @senatorcollins
    • @TomCoburn
    • @saxby08
    • @burrforsenate
    • @SenatorBunning
    • @SenSamBrownback
    • @DavidVitter
    • @JohnCornyn
    • @senatorlugar
    • @neilabercrombie
    • @BacaCA43
    • @RepTammyBaldwin
    • @repjohnbarrow
    • @repblumenauer
    • @LeonardBoswell
    • @RepCarnahan
    • @ArturDavis
    • @rep_adam_smith
    • @RepNormDicks
    • @jahimes
    • @RepMikeHonda
    • @RepInsleeNews
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    Adriel Hampton


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    Absolutely. Social media is a two-way street. If it’s treated merely as a platform for pushing one’s agenda, these politicians are missing the point and the real value of social media. If they’re not listening, they’re not truly connecting with their constituents. It’s a shame that only one is highlighted for a response, rather than that being the norm and then simply pointing out the one or two who did not respond. I noticed that you do not have John Culberson of Texas (@johnculberson) on your list. Rep. Culberson is known to be active and engaged on Twitter.

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    John Moore

    Thanks Jay, I will actually ping John as well. -John

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    I don’t believe that maintaining a continuous two-way connection is essential in terms of social media usage for public figures. For public figures which include celebs and politicians too, simply maintaining a presence and using the social media tools and search as feedback mechanisms is more important than engaging follower base at this point in time.

    Two way communication for public figures is better served for integrating into larger events.
    Politicians need to find new ways to connect. Hosting a “Town Hall Meeting” via Ustream would be very effective while using 10-15 minutes at the end of the address to answer citizen’s questions.

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