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    subroto mukerji

    My situation is that I would like to change my career. But at age 50, I am not sure the Federal Government is willing to hire me.

    I do have the qualifications and experience but I suspect that age might be an issue. But I would like to get your point of view.

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    Steve Ressler

    It’s against the law to consider age in hiring. Age discrimination…

    I would say the federal government is even better than private industry in adhering to these guidelines. And I’ve worked with many people at all ages at all different levels.

    My advice is that it is real hard to get a job generally…and navigating the gov’t hiring process is not for the faint of heart. So focus on the things you can control, get your KSAs really tight, learn about gov’t hiring. And best of luck..

    Lots of resources on getting a government job here

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    I agree with Steve! I’m currently working in Government at the state level, and previously spent many yrs. in private industry. I believe that state government (along with Federal) is better at hiring individuals in this protected class than private organizations.

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    Carol Davison

    Yes there are laws, but be more concerned with practices. I am an HR hiring professional. We need qualified people. I would hire you if you were most qualifed.

    If you want a government job develop an outstanding resume that demonstrates the results you achieve. It is a real turn off to read only what one is responsible for. Develop great knowledge skill and ability responses. Save them in word and cut and paste into government formats. Submit all required documents in a timely manner and forget about it. Do not waste HR’s time calling and emailing. You want them to invest their time hiring people, not answering pointless calls. If they want to hire you (or their cousin) they will do so. Repeat until you get a job. The more s**t you throw against the wall, the more likely some will stick.

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    Kathy Sciannella

    It is against the law to discriminate against someone because of age, however, in reality, in practice it does occur.

    I went into the Federal governmenet (from state government) at age 50. I live the enviornment much better and I am also beter paid. My advice is go for it –many agencies are looking for people at different places in their career. Write a dynamic resume and respect the government’s hiring practices which are different from private sector. It takes longer to get a government job. OMB is planning on streamling them in the future and some changes are already occuring.

    Good luck!

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    C Porche

    There are some places where some regard serious experience in one area as an asset in a different field. I think some places and positions value this more than others. It is really important to network to get the right feel to see how management embraces the value of a diversity of experiences and the concomitant training needed to optimize adjustments for a different direction. For example at State, there are new areas of concentration that eagerly strive to pull in folks from a variety of disciplines- I am thinking of Reconstruction and Stabilization- folks from DoD , those with experience with refugees, and Aid assistance who meet the qualifications and wish to commit to the cause will find it a place with staff with a diveristy of ages and agencies working together under one roof- with those available to travel at a moments notice a desireable premium. Thorough research helps.


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    subroto mukerji

    Thanks, Carol. Exactly the kind of depressing yet sensible answer that makes me feel morose yet hopeful. I have to create quality and quantity and just hope for the best.

    It seems that I have a lot of work to do with my resume. Mine is just a list of responsibilities which I thought were critical.
    KSA- Writing KSA’s seems to be a methodology of tripping you up. The hiring manager maybe looking one set of KSA’s that you may have forgotten to include because it wasn’t relevant to you at that time.
    About the only thing I do well is send my documents in on time. Ah, well back to the drawing board.

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    subroto mukerji

    Thank you Kathy. I am hoping to get a federal job but it seems that the process is much harder than it should be. I guess its a rite of passage or something but I am willing to expend 6 months on it to see where it leads me.

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    subroto mukerji

    Ah yes,the other piece of the puzzle. The contacts and the networking. So to put the whole piece of the puzzle together, fantastic resume, apply everywhere, expend about 6-8 months in the process and develop a huge network of friends that will help you get a job. Yikes, I thought I had a life, I guess I have to put that in the back burner.

    Sorry just a trifle sarcastic.

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