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    Is anyone else using Buzz from Google yet?

    What do you think about it? What do you like/dislike about Buzz? How will you use it differently from other platforms? Does Buzz have the power to compete with Facebook or other social media apps?

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    I am not sure what purpose Buzz is supposed to serve. I know they are trying to compete with Facebook and twitter but I just do not understand its purpose right now.

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    Steven Vance

    Hmm, kind of like Google Wave.
    My colleague and I tried it at the office to discuss a new project. After two days, we gave up on it. It wasn’t being too helpful for that purpose.

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    Dick Davies

    Google Buzz passes 9 million comments in less than three days

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    Took a look at it yesterday…it’s like Wave embedded in Gmail. But I think adoption will be limited to those who currently have Gmail accounts…and won’t even touch Twitter…at least not for some time.

    I prefer the Chat function in Gmail much more…and it would actually be cooler if it popped up like Chat…and you could have multiple people streaming in real time. Would be hard to resist jumping in that flow of conversation!

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    Adriel Hampton

    I purposely split my social/e-mail activity over multiple major platforms because I basically don’t trust any of them to respect privacy or IP of users of their free services. Google is now at the bottom of my list for mutual trust.

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    Definitely using it. I’ve linked it with my Twitter account, so I’m getting some dual-use on that front. I like the auto-find feature for friends and the simple integration between gmail and buzz is great. I’m still getting used to it and not sure what to think yet. I’d like to see better filtering of buzz’s and comments…like the ability to collapse a conversation.

    What do you think about it? Have you seen a big uptick in usership among your network of friends/coworkers?

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    So far… I seem to be using Buzz mostly in the context of those that I email the most for personal reasons, and in my case, this means mostly friends from church. So it’s been great for announcements, updates, feedback on activities, prayer requests, etc. I’ve seen some friendly banter on trivial topics. I’ve learned of a friend’s job change, a couple’s anniversary, a surgery (actually I think I learned this one from Facebook first). So, at least for me, Buzz has some use within a smaller circle of friends for certain kinds of information, but at this point, I don’t see it transitioning to use for work (nor am I sure that I would want it to).

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    Sam Allgood

    Hadn’t tried it yet, so checking it out, starting by following you … one more connection point 🙂

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    Andrea Baker

    Yes, but all this is, is another channel we have to start watching.

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    Andrea Baker

    I am using it, as in… its installed and available on my android phone. But I am not actively using it, as it is another channel of noise I have to follow. Currently my buzz inbox is over 100 and I haven’t clicked into it today. I see myself checking it like I do my email, 1x a day.

    And I also felt the same when it came to wave. I jumped in to see how that would work and quickly left the Google Ocean.

    Google does a lot of great things and has a lot of good products. But there is such a thing as social overkill.

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    Google Buzz is more of a Google Wave killer than a Facebook/Twitter killer, which is too bad. I think Wave has more promise than Buzz.

    I haven’t found it intrusive, and I adjusted my privacy settings once that option was available. Wasn’t a fan of it following people automatically for me, and like Wave, people were on it the first few days but have since fallen off. I think Google hurried a bit with Buzz. It was launched much more quickly than Wave. Google apparently feels threatened by Facebook and Twitter, so it didn’t perform “due diligence” before releasing Buzz.

    I, for one, prefer Gmail and Wave over Buzz. Google should focus on refining Wave instead.

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    Here’s the latest news on this topic:

    Google Buzz ‘breaks privacy laws’ says watchdog

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    I am not sure what purpose Buzz is supposed to serve. I know they are trying to compete with Facebook and twitter but I just do not understand its purpose right now.

    It’s purpose is to build/strengthen Gmail for an Enterprise offering that Google is working on to compete with Microsoft Exchange/Office. The thinking over at Google is that the more time you spend within Gmail, the less time you will spend on Twitter and Facebook and Google Buzz helps to achieve that purpose.

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    Elizabeth Hyde

    I’m not impressed by it and was more than a little ticked to find that it automatically had me following some people and that random people suddenly started following me. It was difficult to navigate to the privacy settings – they could have made them easier to get to. I like having the ability to choose what I participate in and who my information is available to, not have it chosen for me. I turned Buzz off.

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    Carol Miller

    Maybe this is better left to a new discussion string, but you seemt o have knowledge and insight into googles and gmail. Has gmail ever addressed its customer’s needs to synch our gmail calendar with a blackberry, and to synch our plaxo address book with gmail contacts? (the related question is can Plaxo address book synch with blackberry?) I am about to dump my blackberry solely due to incompatiblity issues.

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    Bill Brantley

    As others have commented, Buzz is essentially Wave but with GMail as the base. I think that Google was disappointed in the tepid response and adoption of Wave. Buzz may have been an earlier project that Google abandonded and then decided to throw out there to gain market share against Facebook after Wave failed to do so.

    I do like aspects of Wave and Buzz. I wish Google would realize the strengths of each and combine them into one product. Wazz, maybe?

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    Wazz! I like that. Thanks for contributing to the discussion, Bill.

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    Bill Brantley

    Seems like Buzz is just bringing more pain to Google

    Why I’m Dropping Google –

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