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    Over on GovFresh, O’Reilly Radar’s Gov 2.0 Correspondent and GovLoop member Alex Howard used an interesting survey that was released this week (and that several experts will discuss live tomorrow at 2p ET) to make a stark claim:

    Government IT Is Not the Same as Gov 2.0

    That might be true, but I think it’s up for a solid debate.

    If I may, I’d like to rearrange that statement to become a question posed to the people who are Gov 2.0 in action — the people in the trenches every day from government and industry who are leveraging technology to make Gov 2.0 a reality:

    Is Government IT the Same as Gov 2.0?

    My sense is that government IT is one part of Gov 2.0, so in that sense it’s apt to talk about the ways that IT influences Gov 2.0. But are they synonymous? I’ll let you, the practitioners, decide.

    By the way, in case you want to learn more about the survey that set off the debate, click here.

    And if you’d like to attend our online training tomorrow that explores the state of Gov 2.0 in greater depth, click o this link below:

    “Gov 2.0: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?”

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    As I stated on Twitter, the phone that I use at my desk is so old they no longer make the parts for it. Technically speaking, my phone still counts as information technology because it connects to an ancient voicemail system. However, there is nothing “2.0” about it. My phone system predates Gov20, and probably pre-dates the commercial internet.

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    Good point. So how would you make it a “2.0” situation? Take it off your desk? Bring your own device?

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    Chris Cairns

    Semantics. Semantics. My semantically opinion is that Government IT is going to be a good umbrella term encompassing anything that falls under the INFORMATION and TECHNOLOGY sun for many decades, just as it has been up to this point. Gov 2.0 is trendy subset of Government IT in general. Terms like Gov 2.0 are great (and absolutely necessary) for communicating paradigm shifts, but it will be subsumed by something else in a few years.

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