Is the Federal Hiring Process Skewed towards Myers Briggs “S” types?

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    Noha Gaber

    As I was browsing USA Jobs this afternoon, a thought occurred to me…and the first place I thought of posting the question was, of course, GovLoop (thanks for starting it, Steve!)

    So here’s my question: has anyone done a study about the way that announcements are worded and how they align with different Myers Briggs personality types?

    So many of the announcements (virtually all) seem to be worded in such a way that seems to indicate that innovative thinking and transferrable skills are not things that are valued in the federal hiring process. The questions seem to mostly revolve around “what SOPs do you know how to follow?” I’m not saying that having experience in following certain SOPs is not important, but shouldn’t we place equal value on innovative problem solving? Should the position classification system also take into account what Myers Briggs type is most suitable for the type of work and make sure that that is reflected in the announcement and application questions?

    Has anyone else noticed this?



    ENFJ 🙂

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    Carol Davison

    I wonder about this myself, and why leadership vacancies don’t ask how one leads and instead wnat to know one’s analytical, implementation, sop and evaluation knowledge. A more scary thought is that we may be rewarded in accordance with the sensing nature.

    According to the research 68% of Americans are sensing, and 32% are intuiting. 53% of Americans are thinkers, and 47% are feelers. In my ELDP class, we selected a higher than average percentage of intuiters and less than average feelers. Go figure. A part of the problem is that there are few NFs (2-3%) in the world, which is why I friended you. As an engineer you professon may be even more sensing and thinking than average. You may want to read Please Understand Me II. It explains how personalities function at work.

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