Is veteran’s preference good or bad for the PS?

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    Mark Hammer

    Not my question, but the question asked in a recent paper that looks interesting, so I thought I’d draw it to the attention of interested parties.

    The author examines the question by comparing the GS advancement rates of those with and without veteran’s preference, statistically controlling for a variety of factors. Is advancement rate a valid or appropriate measure of the contribution and added value? But it’s an interesting question. You be the judge. I will say that the matter of ethical duties to veterans is entirely separate from matters of organizational effectiveness.

    Tim Johnson, “Service after Serving: Does Veterans’ Preference Diminish the Quality of the US Federal Service?” Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory (2014), 10.1093

    You can find the abstract and contact information for the author here:

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    Mark Hammer

    In case you have access to a library, it’s the July issue, Volume 24:3

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