Is video a parachute for agencies careening off the fiscal cliff?

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    News stories about the upcoming fiscal cliff have become so prevalent that it’s safe to say Americans would have to be completely off the grid to not be aware of the situation facing our country.

    Ultimately, looming sequestration – which threatens to cut over $1 trillion from federal budgets – combined with the approaching expiration of multiple tax cuts have political and economic pundits bracing for a decrease in spending from the government and consumers alike that could dip our nation back into recession.

    But this situation can be avoided. President Obama and members of Congress are meeting to come to an agreement that would help avoid sequestration and hopefully steer our nation away from the fiscal cliff.

    However, even if an agreement is reached, federal agencies will be asked to do their share to help get the federal budget under control. In fact, Mark Day, the director of the Office of Strategic Programs at the General Services Administration (GSA), recently spoke to Federal Computer Week about the impact that flat or reducing budgets could have on federal agencies. According to Day, federal agencies need cost savings, and are willing to embrace the innovative ideas and changes necessary to accomplish the mission with lower budgets.

    A recent article outlines how unified communications, specifically video teleconferencing, could be the solution for cutting costs in the federal government through reduced travel costs and real estate, as well as increased productivity and continuity of operations.

    Is video the necessary tool that agencies need to reduce costs and survive the fiscal cliff?

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