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    Jason Hibbets over at just shared an article with me that demonstrates how one Canadian town has used open data to make it easier for its residents to find pools and other cool spots:

    Case Study: Why Open Data is Cool

    An excerpt:

    The heat is scorching! Residents across Ontario, Quebec and parts of the US are trying to stay cool. Many seek out public swimming pools and splash-pads, and turn to their municipalities for information. Others, like the Canadian ‘hacktivists’ Joey Coleman of OpenHamilton and yours truly of OpenHalton seek out ways to make that information more accessible.

    Hamilton ‘s Dowsing and Milton Splash are two of the most recent examples of what is possible with open data. They represent a real-life case study of how open data can help keep us cooler, while also helping cities provide a better service at a lower cost.

    The author goes on to share 3 ways the city got creative with its datasets to enable / empower citizens to do cool stuff during this especially hot summer.

    How / Has your city done anything creative with open data to help citizens find information that helps them stay safe and cool this summer?

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    Jason Hibbets

    I saw this post about a very similar dataset in Baltimore.Very cool! (pun intended)

    Experiments in Open Data: Baltimore Edition


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    Noel Hatch

    I was just writing a post on how people can use #opendata on our services and activities for the summer, but hadn’t thought of keeping cool, have just updated my post as we have various types of data that could help keep people cool like parks, leisure centre or swimming pool data. We’ve had developers create visualisations of where you can cycle here, wonder if there’s something to be done around mixing the “keep cool” data with weather and advice for people who struggle in the heat?

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    Don’t forget local museums, libraries and other indoor activities!

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