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    Stephanie Slade

    According to today’s Federal Eye, the debt deal, while not requiring immediate layoffs or benefit cuts for federal employees, could eventually lead there.

    The measure does not specify potential targets, but the special committee could examine the numerous ideas for reducing federal benefits have been in circulation for months.

    Those ideas have included, among others, extending the general pay freeze beyond 2012, increasing the employee contribution to retirement, cutting federal employment through partial hiring freezes, reducing retirement benefits for new retirees by changing the way those benefits are calculated, and making cost of living adjustments less generous for all retirees.

    Thus, jobs could be in danger after all. Cuts are going to have to come from somewhere. The good news is, it looks like agencies may be granted the discretion to decide for themselves how to make up the difference. Since you all are in the trenches, I’m curious to hear what you have to say on all of this. Is the deal a reasonable compromise? Do you feel like your job and/or benefits are in danger? And if the measure passes, how would you deal with more cuts on top of what your agency’s already absorbed?


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    Terrence Hill

    None of us are exempt from future budget cuts, so none of us should feel safe. The “safest” positions are those who are engaged in mission-critical functions. It’s up to us to make ourselves indispensable to our employers. We’ve had austere times before and many will take this opportunity to retire. Others will stay to fight the good fight. I worry about those who are just doing the bare minimum and not adding value to their organization. Eventually, they will be held accountable because we can’t afford to have any non-productive employees any longer.

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    Julie Chase

    With hiring freeze, we still have to submit our PARS with rigor (that’s the name I kid you not). We all know that we are on a pay freeze, we all know that our contribution to our benefits may increase and we are fine with that. As the largest employer east of I95, it would be a big mess if there was a RIF. So we take it on the chin, and do more with less. Most will retire if they get a VSIP, otherwise they will be on what we call “retirement leave”, here at work, but retired in their mind.

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