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    Ari Herzog

    I don’t mean pictures of your community, but is there an official Flickr feed? If not, do you know of a local government that does use Flickr?

    I don’t know how to search for this, as Flickr’s and Google’s search indices aren’t helpful.

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    Adriel Hampton

    Ari, I think Dan Slee has examples of this in UK local gov. He did a great recent post on it. I am working up my pitch for getting the SF City Attorney on.

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    Megan Dotson

    Microsoft’s Gov2Social has a pretty good list of state/local governments using social media…including flickr. I encourage you to check it out!

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    Will Hampton

    In Round Rock, Texas, we have an official Flickr group.

    We do a geotag search of photos taken within our community, and invite those who’ve taken really great shots to join our group. If they do, they also agree to allow us to use their photos on the city website, newsletters, etc. In return, we give them the photo credit.

    We have hundreds of fantastic photos in group. It’s a great community builder, too, we think.

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    We have been using flickr at the City of Orlando. It is a quicker way for us to post photos than we did in the past, and it allows us to provide high resolution images for people who want to print them out – saving our multimedia guys from always having to find and e-mail or print images for others.

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    Brandon Goldman

    City of Ashland Oregon, we have a group established on flickr primarily to be a resource for photos to use in City publications and presentations:

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