Is your TSP account at risk?

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    Is your TSP account at risk?

    Officials involved with the retirement plan said they’re going to ramp up security after the Labor Department conducted an audit and found that privacy and security risks still exist, despite a set of recent recommendations.

    GovExec reports that the Labor Department conducted an assessment of computer access and security controls last fall. The audit found several flaws and resulted in a few recommendations, but not all have been implemented up to this point.

    It’s not all bad news, however; the TSP is doing better when it comes to withdrawl and annuities procedures.

    GovExec quotes TSP Executive Director Gregory Long, “I think we are going to be to be a little bit more open to hear what these challenges are and working with your colleagues to address some of these concerns.”

    Are you concerned about this? Or do you think enough controls are in place?

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