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    Steve Ressler

    Today is Good Friday. I know government employees can take the day off for personal reasons.

    However, I was wondering if people were getting early dismissal today as it is also a big travel weekend.
    What’s going on at your office?
    59 minute rule for feds?
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    Erica Berrios

    My code has ‘ropeyarn’ (leave at 1200). but it is up to each individual branch head to grant this. I am just glad I have a cool boss! I am pretty certian we are the only code that has a ropeyarn today….

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    Karen Reshkin

    I sincerely doubt it. We generally get an early dismissal Thanksgiving Eve and Christmas Eve, but not New Year’s Eve or any other day.

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    Mark Kane

    My command gave it (59 min.) today. Surprised in some ways since Easter isn’t a federal holiday in any way, but I’ll take it all the same. 🙂

    Did you know the stock market is closed on Good Friday?

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    Same idea at our agency – much like Karen’s!

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