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    Stephen Peteritas

    The Office of Congressional and Public Affairs is seeking one or more OIG employees for a 90-day detail in the Public Affairs office. This position is open to GS-13s and above, with work being assigned according to demonstrated ability and grade-level.

    The ideal candidate would possess several of the following skills:

    • Strong oral and written communications skills, including the ability to draft and/or review reports and presentations.

    • Knowledge of OIG mission, goals, priorities that affect DHS programs, operations, and systems and the ability to apply that skill to a diverse array of projects.

    • Skill in managing long-term projects under the direction of others, including the ability to handle logistics, create project plans and/or meet deadlines.

    • Ability to participate in interagency and/or multidisciplinary working groups involving a diverse array of complex subject matter, including (when needed) taking leadership roles, facilitating meetings, and/or giving oral or written reports.

    • Strong interest and/or knowledge of new media and web content (e.g., Twitter, Facebook and/or blogs).

    • Ability to multitask and to work in a collegial, team environment.

    • Flexibility with respect to the type and nature of assignments.

    • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and to take new projects on a short notice and complete them in a timely manner.

    • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills.

    Interested candidates should submit a written statement of interest to Kiana Barrett-Clybourn ([email protected]) by cob January 28, 2011.

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