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    Alicia Mazzara

    Job Title: Consumer Financial Protection Analyst
    Agency: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    Sub Agency: CFPB – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
    Job Announcement Number: 11-CFPB-114P

    SALARY RANGE: $64,400.00 – $123,250.00 /year
    OPEN PERIOD: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 to Thursday, May 19, 2011
    SERIES & GRADE: CN-1101-5A/5B
    POSITION INFORMATION: Full Time Permanent
    DUTY LOCATIONS: many vacancies – Washington DC Metro Area, DC
    WHO MAY BE CONSIDERED: Applications will be accepted from U.S. citizens.

    This opportunity for the Washington D.C. Regional Office is also open to status candidates only under announcement 11-CFPB-113.

    For other positions in alternate locations please refer to the Job Summary section below.

    Do you want to be a leader in your field at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) – a groundbreaking organization solely devoted to the economic strength and vitality of American Families? Do you want to play an important role in making consumer financial markets work for all American families? Do you want to challenge yourself and others? If you answer “Yes,” then we have a career for you! CFPB professionals have unparalleled opportunities to expand horizons for themselves and for the nation. Be one of the founding members of an agency that will make a difference in the lives of everyday American families!

    This position is located in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Directorate of Supervision, Fair Lending and Enforcement based out of a Regional work site. The function of the office is to conduct consumer protection supervision and examinations at a wide variety of large and/or complex depository financial institutions and non-depository consumer financial services companies. Occassional travel may be required.

    This position will be open for 30 days. The first group of candidates from which management may make a selection will be issued after the job has been open 5 work days. Additional lists of candidates will be issued periodically until the announcement closes. The closing date of the announcement may be extended, if necessary. Candidates need not reapply to receive consideration after the initial cut-off.

    Alternate Location Opportunities

    This opportunity is also open to all U.S. citizens in the the New York/New Jersey area under 11-CFPB-120P, the Chicago area under 11-CFPB-118P, the San Francisco/Oakland area under announcement 11-CFPB-116P, and under 11-CFPB-114P for the Washington D.C. area.

    For those eligible under the categories listed in the “Who May Apply section” of the status announcements, the announcement for the New York/New Jersey area is 11-CFPB-119, for the Chicago area is 11-CFPB-117, and 11-CFPB-115 for San Francisco/Oakland area.


    * Background Investigation
    * U.S. Citizenship
    * May be required to serve a probationary/trial period
    * Position may require frequent travel

    As a Consumer Financial Protection Analyst,the incumbent assists CFPB management in a variety of the most complex activities and functions necessary to carry out the agency’s supervision responsibilities. The incumbent applies comprehensive knowledge of financial consumer protection issues to, among other things, develop examination policies, procedures, and training programs; analyze industry trends; monitor/oversee the CFPB supervisory process; and provide technical advice and assistance to Washington and Regional staff. Specific duties may include:

    • Takes a significant role in developing and implementing procedures for conducting risk-based consumer protection examinations, including risk assessment, examination scoping, and setting examination priorities.
    • Researches and drafts issue papers, memoranda, correspondence, and other materials for policy decisions by management regarding the oversight of depository and non-depository financial institutions. Such policy decisions may involve controversial, sensitive, and complex topics related to financial consumer protection issues and the agency’s supervisory strategy to respond to them. Provides authoritative advice, recommends courses of action, and highlights the risks and benefits of each.
    • Participates in identifying process needs for examinations (e.g. field/desk examination manuals, tools and templates, software and calculation programs, risk assessment tools.).
    • Participates in developing and implementing process manuals for executing examinations. These manuals may address or include guidance, case law, and recent case studies in which new practices and/or precedents are applied.
    • Monitors developments in laws, regulations, policies, procedures, and other programs related to financial services to identify emerging issues. May participate in the development of legislative and regulatory proposals to respond to such issues, including preparing testimony, and providing authoritative responses to Congressional inquiries.
    • Serves as a liaison with other CFPB offices, other regulatory agencies, the press, the financial services industry, and the public to provide advice on consumer protection and compliance issues.

    For more information, see

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