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    Job Description
    The JIEDDO (Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization) COIC (Counter-IED Operations Integration Center) was established in August 2006 and directly serves warfighters’ efforts to focus attacks on enemy networks employing IEDs. A vital Attack the Network initiative, the COIC is a disruptive change agent to energize the warfighter’s ability to gain access to seemingly disparate information and data sources to create vital, common operating pictures. The COIC also provides an avenue for strategic reachback to collaborative, fused, multi-source analysis and innovation across critical DoD, government, industry, and academic organizations and agencies. The COIC leverages existing information and provides strategic capabilities in support of offensive operations against IED networks. Through COIC’s fused intelligence products, formerly highly classified intelligence is now available at the secret level, making it accessible to warfighters at the tactical level. The COIC’s architecture of partnerships include more than 20 intelligence agencies and other federal agencies supporting this effort.

    Provide expertise in Operational level military operations, intelligence, operations research/systems analysis, and operations-intelligence fusion and analysis to support deployed U.S. and coalition forces in Counter-Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) operations primarily in the U.S. Central Command Area of Responsibility but also other Combatant Command areas of responsibility as required and locations in the United States.
    Candidates will provide All-Source, IMINT, HUMINT, MASINT, GMTI, and Geo-Spatial Analysis capabilities. The JIEDDO COIC CONOP requires that, for each deployed subject matter expert there will be supporting reach back capability working from the COIC, performing analytical and training reach-back tasks. While functioning in CONUS providing reach back support, the members work within Comprehensive Look Teams (CLTs), which focus on specific geographic locations or missions and integrate, fuse and produce operational C-IED analysis to respond to Requests for Support (RFSs) from deployed forces. The intent is for members to work in CLTs then support the training of units preparing to deploy then move to a CLT to provide reach back support. The CONUS and OCONUS analytical elements (operations, intelligence, and operations research) together are referred to as the JIEDDO COIC Analytical Support Team (JCAST).

    Intelligence Subject Matter Expert (SME). An Intelligence SME may be assigned to one of the following positions based on mission needs:

    All Source Analyst: Multi-Discipline Intelligence/General Military Intelligence/All Source Intelligence Analyst, participates in production, indications and warning, collection management, targeting, imagery, network analysis, counterintelligence, counter-terrorism, information operations, foreign disclosure, international engagements and threat analysis. Initiates and conducts research efforts; plan, coordinate and synthesize research to produce all-source intelligence products/responses.

    GMTI Analyst: Provide subject matter expertise to Persistent Surveillance and IED Analysis. Assist in meeting a broad spectrum of requirements for providing Ground Moving Target Indicator data analysis and research support to a wide customer base within the United States Government. Provide expertise and experience in GMTI collection systems; data acquisition; GMTI exploitation technologies; GMTI analysis/evaluation and GMTI production processes and systems dissemination methods and tools. Provide research and analysis activities worldwide to address intelligence products in support of Combat/Crisis Operations and customer needs. Integrate GMTI data as applicable in order to provide a product depicting a more complete picture of specific analytical issues; identify intelligence gaps; and prepare intelligence requirements as needed. Disseminate as directed by the government both preliminary and finished GMTI and geospatially-based intelligence products that contribute to demonstrated impact across the Military, Intelligence and Policy-making community. Should have completed a GMTI Analysis Course; strong knowledge of GMTI functionalities; demonstrated good oral and written communication skills; knowledge and proficient in both commercial and government software; experience collaborating with all national and service intelligence agencies/centers; knowledge in the tasking of overhead intelligence collection systems; knowledge of non-EO imaging; and experience using the Joint Services Workstation (JSWS).

    *Be willing to deploy for up to 180 consecutive days to any overseas location required by the customer.
    *5 years in an intelligence-related field

    *Bachelor of Science or Arts degree from an accredited college or university in any discipline


    *CONUS: Primary work location is Reston, VA
    *OCONUS: Candidates will be asked to Deploy OCONUS to locations including Iraq and Afghanistan.
    *Standard work week while deployed will be up to 84 Hours per week.

    Please email resumes to [email protected].

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