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    Plans, coordinates, implements, and manages one or more statewide environmental health programs or special projects and/or serves as primary liaison between Local Public Health Agency (LPHA) environmental staff and DHSS in assigned region(s): individual water and sewage systems; food sanitation and protection; milk rating and/or milk sanitation; disease outbreaks; child care facility sanitation and safety; commercial lodging sanitation and safety; industrial hygiene; vector control; zoonotic disease control; and disaster and emergency response.

    Conducts on-site food safety and other consumer protection verification activities associated with systems of commercial establishments operating under a grant of State inspection.

    Conducts investigations and analyses regarding administrative or civil enforcement matters pertaining to commercial establishments operating under a grant of State inspection; collects necessary information pertaining to recall activities, consumer complaints, or other public health concerns; responsibilities focus primarily on regulatory requirements regarding Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems, Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOP) regulations, and in-plant food safety issues.

    Communicates with Local Public Health Agencies (LPHAs) within assigned region(s) regarding status of environmental health programs; identifies training needs and problems and trains LPHA personnel in environmental health programs and principles.

    Conducts a major phase or major activity of a statewide environmental health program, such as milk sanitation rating surveys, food service sanitation surveys, food processing sanitation, or child care facility sanitation.

    Provides technical consultation and assistance to field personnel, DHSS and LPHA personnel, industry, and the public; coordinates, develops, and/or presents training courses.

    Monitors environmental health program status and core functions contracts in LPHAs of assigned region(s).

    Maintains inventory and fees records for review by State Auditor, and reviews programmatic quality of work submitted by local and departmental staff.

    Prepares proposed legislation, fiscal notes, and regulations; contributes to development of bureau, division, and departmental policies and procedures.

    Coordinates with other agency bureaus in the implementation, development, and evaluation of environmental health programs.

    Coordinates environmental health programs with other state and federal agencies.

    Serves as department representative; addresses statewide, regional, or national organizations concerning environmental public health.

    Implements assigned statewide programs or special projects, providing technical assistance, consultation, and necessary enforcement for compliance with state environmental health laws.

    Serves on regional response teams during emergency events, including bio-terrorism events.

    Exercises significant independence and initiative in the performance of responsibilities; receives general administrative direction.

    Performs other related work as assigned.


    Comprehensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and terminology of environmental health as related to public health.

    Comprehensive knowledge of bacteriology, chemistry, physics, and other sciences as applied to environmental health.

    Comprehensive knowledge of relationships of environmental conditions to the general level of public and occupational health.

    Comprehensive knowledge of environmental health regulations.

    Comprehensive knowledge of federal and state regulations regarding meat and poultry inspection.

    Comprehensive knowledge of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP) principles as they relate to food processing.

    Comprehensive knowledge of current scientific and technological research findings and food safety trends and practices throughout the state and nationally.

    Comprehensive knowledge of basic techniques of public health administration.

    Ability to interpret and apply environmental health laws, regulations, requirements, and policies.

    Ability to draft proposed legislation and rules, and to prepare related fiscal notes.

    Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public, staff, governmental agencies, and their representatives.

    Ability to communicate effectively, deliver presentations in the promotion of environmental health, and advise other regulatory personnel, industry representatives, and other appropriate groups concerning environmental health matters.

    Ability to supervise and train staff to carry out assigned tasks.

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