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    Patrick Fiorenza

    Executive Director, Thousand Island Park Corporation

    Post Date Oct 03, 2011 Salary $65k – $75k
    Start Date
    Application Deadline 11/30/2011
    ICMA Members Only No ICMA Credential (Details) not required
    Normal Population 40 Seasonal Population 1,200
    Employer Location Thousand Island Park, New York United States Job Reference Number
    Job Description
    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Thousand Island Park Corporation

    Thousand Island Park, New York is a unique community located on Wellesley Island in the Thousand Islands region of the St. Lawrence River. It occupies 100 plus acres with approximately 324 residential homes/cottages, most over 100 years old. The residences are situated on lots leased by the Corporation with
    99-year renewable leases; there are also approximately 100 boathouse sites leased under 10-year renewable contracts. Thousand Island Park enjoys the distinction of functioning as a small town municipality without being a municipality. It is primarily a summer resort community with approximately 20 families remaining year round.

    In addition to private homes/cottages, the Corporation owns and maintains many significant buildings which operate for commercial and public use during the summer months. Similarly, the Corporation maintains all the acreage exclusive of that which is privately leased.

    The Thousand Island Park Corporation is a for profit corporation with slightly more than 100 shares of stock and approximately 60 voting stockholders. The Corporation is managed by a 7-member Board of Directors. The Executive Director represents and acts on behalf of the Board of Directors.

    Core Responsibilities:

    The Executive Director of the Thousand Island Park Corporation serves as the Chief Administrative Officer, the Personnel & Human Resources Director and the Chief Security Officer. He/she manages the day-to-day operations and internal affairs of the Thousand Island Park Corporation and community that encompass the following:

    ? Develops policies, procedures and processes as needed to implement the decisions of the Board of Directors.
    ? Conducts and/or directs research on issues and policy updates or changes.
    ? Responsible for Corporation bylaw adherence.
    ? Approves recommendations for executive and administrative actions.
    ? Conducts internal investigations and examines books, records and all official papers of any office, department, agency or Board to assure integrity of corporate operations and prevent impropriety.
    ? Manages/supervises the financial operation of the Corporation.
    ? Enforcement of all Thousand Island Park “Rules and Regulations” and the Preservation Code.
    ? Maintains and responds to the complaint documentation and resolution system currently in place in Thousand Island Park.
    ? Prepares and presents reports to the Thousand Island Park Corporation Board of Directors and other designated organizations. Communicates with the Board members, stockholders and cottage owners on important or pertinent issues.
    ? Prepares agendas, attends and keeps minutes of all seasonal Board of Directors meetings as well as the annual stockholders and community meetings.
    ? Acts as liaison between the Corporation/TI Park Community and the US Army Corps of Engineers, New York State Department of Environmental Concern, LaFargeville School Board and School Superintendent, Town of Orleans, Town of Orleans Supervisor, Town of Orleans Highway Superintendent, Town of Orleans Sewer Department, Town of Orleans Assessor, Town of Orleans Tax Collector, as well as numerous other municipal, state and federal agencies, departments and elected officials.
    ? Stays in contact with Thousand Island Park legal counsel at all times and oversees that all legal requirements are properly executed for any and all lease transfers.
    ? Directs corporate operations through Park employees; coordinates Park wide management activities and facilitates implementation strategies; conducts program evaluations; apprises the Board of Directors of any emergencies.
    ? Exercises general supervision over Corporation property, grounds, roads, trees, buildings, equipment and waterfront by means of a weekly inspection of Corporation property and equipment to insure the proper maintenance.
    ? Conducts or delegates responsibility for biweekly inspections of the entire Park to verify cottages and any ongoing work/renovation projects are in compliance with the Preservation Code and Park work permit rules and regulations; also insure no contractor has caused damage to roads, trees or lawns.
    ? Conducts annual reviews of all Corporation leases to include land, waterfront, concessionaires, and non-profit contracts; insure accuracy and renew as needed; oversees and completes the transfer of all paper contracts, important park documents and/or agreements, surveys and cottage and boathouse site leases to an electronic retrievable format.
    ? Serves as an arbitrator and interpreter of any questions Concessionaires have about their rights and obligations.
    ? Participates in any local consortium or local enterprise that will help establish mutual beneficial relationships with local governing bodies or neighboring communities.
    ? Creates and sends a quarterly informational newsletter electronically and/or by U.S. mail to all Thousand Island stakeholders, including but not limited to cottage owners/residents, stockholders, Park employees, concessionaires, etc.

    As Personnel & Human Resources Director, the Executive Director is responsible for the full and effective utilization of Park personnel. Key responsibilities include:

    ? Establishment of overall departmental objectives, priorities and standards.
    ? Serves as final hiring authority for all Thousand Island Park positions.
    ? Insures compliance with personnel policies so Thousand Island Park remains a drug-free, no harassment and no discrimination workplace; also insures all state and federal employment regulations are met and maintained.
    ? Monitors all activity related to advancement, discipline and discharge of Park employees.
    ? Supervises all Thousand Island Park staff and annually evaluates, by means of individual performance reviews, all employees.
    ? Determines priorities and delegates assignments.
    ? Acts as arbitrator or adjudicator of any and all complaints against or between Thousand Island Park employees to achieve mutually agreeable solutions.
    ? Responsible for the creation and maintenance of an Employee Handbook that adheres to all state, federal, county and Park regulations.


    Financial/Budget Responsibilities

    ? Manages the preparation and administration of Thousand Island Park’s budget.
    ? Submits budget and capital improvement programs to the Board.
    ? Monitors overall fiscal activity of the Corporation to assure compliance with established budgets.
    ? Apprises the Board monthly of the Corporation’s financial status.
    ? Monitors operating and capital budgets, cash management system, revenue and income estimates and all disbursements of corporation funds.
    ? Maintains fixed assets and operational inventory management system; recommends upgrade and replacement as necessary.
    ? Approves and inspects all Thousand Island Park payables for correctness, timeliness, and properly authorized purchase orders and payment.
    ? Ensures all necessary financial reports are prepared in a timely manner and distributed to the Corporation’s CPA, State, and Federal agncies, and any other appropriate party.

    The Board has a multi year financial schedule/plan. This plan involves scheduled maintenance of all Park assets, buildings and grounds with projected needs based on prior history. The Executive Director is responsible for updates, anticipation of needs, and record keeping of this schedule.


    Education and experience:
    ? Graduation from an accredited college or university with either a BA or BS
    ? At least 7 years experience in progressive, responsible hands-on management or an equivalent combination of education and work experience.


    ? Thorough knowledge of management theory, methods and practices, as well as fiscal accounting practices and procedures.
    ? Considerable knowledge of all laws as they apply to corporate management practices and human resource management practices and procedures. If the Executive Director is at any time unsure, he/she should in all cases contact an expert that the Corporation has recommended.
    ? Considerable interpersonal skills and experience in resolving disputes and handling complaints from the public.
    ? Excellent oral and written communication skills.
    ? Excellent leadership skills; ability to act fairly, quickly and decisively to resolve a complaint, concern or problem.
    ? Shows/takes initiative.
    ? Solid computer skills and experience using Microsoft Office, Quick Books Pro or equivalent.


    The Thousand Island Park Executive Director normally works in a safe, climate-controlled environment. However, duties may entail considerable walking, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching and lifting. Talking, hearing and seeing are essential to performing the day-to-day job requirements. Common eye, hand and finger dexterity is required for most daily essential functions.

    The Executive Director is a salaried employee; the required work schedule is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (an hour off for lunch), Monday thru Friday, except most national holidays. During the peak summer season which runs from May 15th thru Labor Day, the Executive Director will also be required to work from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays. Substituted time off will be deemed compensation for these additional hours and can be taken any time during the months of January, February, March or April, in addition to standard vacation time to be discussed. Vacation time cannot be taken during the months of May, June, July, August, September or October.


    Upon employment, must possess a valid NYS Drivers license; will obtain or will possess a NYS Notary Certificate.


    ? Formal interview by the Thousand Island Park Executive Board or full Board of Directors.
    ? Successful completion of background screening, credit check, the ability to be bonded, and pre-employment drug and alcohol screening.
    ? Successful candidate will be subject to a physical examination upon hire.
    ? Successful candidate understands the following:
    ? All hires are subject to a 90-day probationary period
    ? Executive Director works at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and may be asked to resign without cause.


    Thousand Island Park is located in the heart of the North Country of upstate New York, a unique winter environment. A significant number of local businesses close for the winter season. The nearest US metropolitan center is Watertown, New York; Fort Drum is located approximately 30 miles away. This allows for a dynamic and culturally diverse community with all of the cultural, recreational, social, religious, educational and shopping experiences that one would associate with a much larger community.

    Candidates preferably must have lived or currently reside in Northern New York State or any similar geographic location. In any case, they must be familiar with and willing/able to accept and live in the geographic and climate conditions of rural upstate New York. The winters in this region are long and cold with moderate to heavy snowfall. On the bright side, winter sports and activities abound.

    The total operating budget of the Corporation exceeds $1 million and employs five (5) full time and sixteen (16) part time/seasonal employees.

    Salary: $65K to $75K. Qualified/interested applicants should send cover letter and resume to [email protected]

    Jennifer Rachko
    PO Box 1103
    Thousand Island Park, NY 13692
    United States
    Ph: 315-482-2576
    E-mail: [email protected]

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