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    Steve Ressler

    Good question I received as part of our NextGen online training series:

    “I was told when I first started in government that I should move around with various offices or agencies. Is this perceived as a positive or negative on a resume?”

    GovLoopers – what do you think?

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    It should be perceived as a positive on the resume. It lets other offices or agencies see that you have been exposed to different types of work cultures and management styles/philosophies.

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    Steve Ressler

    Good point.

    My advice back was:

    -Make sure you understand why you are moving – if it’s about new opportunities, work cultures, etc that is fine

    -if it doesn’t look strategic and is just about small raises, don’t do it

    -While a job change, it does look better if you are changing jobs internally (within an organization)

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    Donna Dyer

    I always tell students to work in a job for at least 1 year (unless it’s totally miserable). It takes about a year to understand the rhythm of the office and the substance of your work. First look for promotions where you are so you can demonstrate that you were valuable to your current employer before looking outside. And if you do move around, keep notes about your best accomplishments and biggest challenges in each position–and maintain your network even after you leave!

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