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    Stephanie Slade
    Job Description
    The United States Postal Service has an excellent opportunity for an experienced Manager, Public Relations to manage the development and implementation of national projects programs and policies designed to build increased understanding and use of postal products and services between the business community and the general public, and for bolstering greater awareness of the Postal Service at the community level. This position will be located in our corporate headquarters in Washington, DC.

    Job Requirements

    1. Develops and directs a broad range of public affairs programs for the Postal Service; evaluates programs to determine their effectiveness and alters them to meet changing needs.
    2. Develops all materials, projects and programs aimed at specialty audiences, such as consumers, major mailers, trade associations and educators, with the goal of increasing understanding and use of postal products and services.
    3. Provides training and guidance to senior postal officials to ensure that they are prepared to be effective spokespersons.
    4. Provides departmental and senior management with a variety of materials, research and analyses of media coverage as a means of tracking current developments likely to affect public opinions of the Postal Service.
    5. Provides information and guidance to field managers on communicating with local publics about key postal programs.
    6. Develops and implements programs that increase the visibility of the Postal Service by promoting the philatelic sales program.
    7. Has frequent contact with executives of national organizations and the news media, and with representatives of the various customer segments such as consumer and business leaders.
    8. Directs crisis communications response team, provides guidance to senior management and coordinates media contact.
    9. Coordinates media activities at National Postal Forum and other major organization meetings and ensures that the Postal Service is represented appropriately at such events.
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    Stephen Peteritas

    If I got this job I would just quote lines from Seinfeld’s Newman

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    Diedre Tillery

    Why is this position being advertised externally at a time when 2400 people (including me) have been given a RIF notice and have been told to find a job within the service by Sept. 9 or be released? As information, we were given 7 days to submit applications for jobs that were opened for RIF-affected employees and this wasn’t among them to the best of my knowledge. I don’t mean to be a bother, but will someone do me a favor and help me get that knife out of my back.

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